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Why You Are Seeing Increased Window Companies in Miami

There are a variety of reasons that impact resistant glass is on the rise here in South Florida. These reasons range from safety concerns, local building codes, to economical savings and investments. Learn why impact windows are worth it and why Florida Engineered Glass is one of the most revered window companies in Miami.

Why Impact Window Installation Is On The Rise

  • According to many studies from NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), hurricane activity and its aftermath will continue to increase in severity due to increasing global temperatures. To prepare for this, many Florida homes and businesses are installing impact glass products to protect themselves.
  • In addition to homeowners’ and business owners’ own concerns, the Florida Building Code now requires hurricane protection (in the form of impact glass) for all exterior windows and doors if you live in the wind-borne debris region (which is typically the coastal areas).  This mandate is statewide, but particularly stringent here in Miami-Dade and Broward counties
  • Some decide to take their chances and only use hurricane shutters for protection. However, in a severe hurricane these may not always hold up, causing thousands in damage. It is actually cheaper to invest in impact windows than it is to replace regular windows and hurricane shutters.
  • Due to their thickness and airtight seal, impact windows actually reduce heat and air that is lost through normal windows by up to 30%. This means that impact glass is energy efficient and cost-effective!
  • Impact windows can also help you save 10-15% on your insurance bill. Insurance companies usually charge higher premiums in Florida due to our environment’s greater risk of damaging our homes. However, when you take steps to prevent this kind of damage, many companies will recognize this and reward it.
  • Lastly, impact window installation is eligible for PACE (property assessed clean energy) financing throughout much of South Florida. This will help you pay for those windows, even without a high credit score!

Sorting Through All The Window Companies In Miami

With the increasing amount of window companies down here in Miami, it’s also become increasingly frustrating to sort through the mess and find a company you can truly trust. Don’t mess around with the amateurs— get your impact window installation from a 3rd generation glass company that has devoted our lives to perfecting our hurricane protection technology. Florida Engineered Glass Corp. specializes in commercial, residential, and privately-owned projects, providing our specially engineered impact resistant doors and windows. We’ve fitted a large number of Miami homes and businesses with the protection needed to keep out debris flung about by chaotic hurricane winds, pellets of hail, and even the smash of a thief’s crowbar.

When it comes to protecting your Florida windows, trust a company that knows Florida weather. Trust Florida Engineered Glass.

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Florida Engineered Glass has many years of experience in protecting Miami homes and businesses from disaster by hurricane. Despite the increase in window companies in Miami, we remain one of the top choices for many commercial and residential projects, delivering high quality glass products each time. Call to schedule an inspection today!