Window Child Safety in Miami
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Child Safety & Windows: A MUST Read


Glass is a highly popular material employed in different types of constructions all over the world. The sleek style, properties, and unique optic facilities had made it a prime and profitable choice to use in buildings, furniture, silverware, containers, and of course, any windows. It’s precisely on home windows we want to focus your attention on and highlight the importance of adding protection barriers against dangerous scenarios, such as glass crackings or window fall, that could be particularly harmful to the children inside. At Florida Engineered Glass Corp., we take this issue very seriously. That’s why we’ve prepared for you these -can’t miss- window child safety tips, incredibly useful during the tropical storm season. We worked hard to earn our reputation as the hurricane windows and doors Miami experts that offer great solutions for the home. Stay with us, and learn how can you make your home safer.


Start Protecting Your Home from the Impact of Hurricanes 

Severe tropical storms and hurricanes are a threat to homes. On average per year, Florida is hit at least by two massive cyclones, with damages in a significant tally of the population. 


Strong winds, heavy rains, and flooding are three elements brought out by tropical storms. Each represents an alarming threat to cause property damage and human casualties, with a particular susceptibility detected in small children unable to resist the prevailing environmental conditions. 


In most cases, the main access point of a home succumbing to the strength of the storm are the windows, failing to have the necessary security measures to resist the ambush generated by the tropical storms.


If your windows are not protected against hurricanes, it’s not too late to get informed about the safety measures you can implement and start taking actions on the manner.


Put to Practice these Useful Window Child Safety Tips and Keep Your Home Protected 

A massive storm can harm a home beyond the unimaginable in only a matter of seconds, to survive it, here are four tips you can instantly put into practice, prioritizing child safety.   

  • Secure the windows 

Keep the windows locked, especially in the presence of children.

  • Childproof your home

Improve the interior layout of the house in a way children don’t get access to windows. 

  • Install impact products

Living in Florida assures closeness to the epicenter action zone of tropical storms. Installing glass (impact) products, resistant to inclement weather conditions, play a fundamental role in safeguarding the home 

  • Hire a specialist to assess and hurricane-proof the home

Preventive measures are always a plus to protect your home. Hiring a specialist that knows what to do to secure windows and doors from tropical storms is a safe bet that will pay off. 


At Florida Engineered Glass Corp., we get directly involved in projects with hurricane windows and doors Miami locals trust. It’s our expertise.


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