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What Home Areas Should I Buy Impact Doors For In South Florida

If you live in south Florida, then you recognize the risk for powerful storms that could be headed your way one year. Ordinary methods of protecting your home with duct tape or plywood aren’t effective when placed against hurricane-force winds, but a method that does work is installing impact glass in your home. We at Florida Engineered Glass Corp. are a window and door company with experience providing Miami homeowners with impact front doors and windows. We want to share with you some important information about impact glass windows and doors, such as where the most important parts of your home are for installing them.


What Are the Important Areas for Impact Glass?

If at all possible, it’s a good idea to reinforce as many doors and windows as possible with impact glass. That said, that might not be a realistic solution for every homeowner, so what is the priority list for windows and doors in your home? Your first priority should be large glass doors and windows that create access to major living spaces of your home. Your front door, any floor-to-ceiling length windows, bay windows, and others with large surface areas where there’s a greater risk that something will hit them and shatter them. You’ll also want to prioritize the rooms themselves. Your living room, kitchen, and bedrooms are the most important usually, so protecting those is important as well. 


If it’s possible, you should also consider protecting your windows and doors with steel shutters that are bolted in front of them. This requires a lot of manual labor, and not everyone is capable of that. Automatic shutters can be purchased, but are at a higher price point than installing impact glass doors and windows. The best thing you can do is talk with a specialist from the company providing your impact glass installation on what works with your budget.


Why Hire a Window and Door Company for Impact Glass?

There are several different kinds of impact glass to choose from, but when it comes to security and safety, we at Florida Engineered Glass Corp. prefer laminated glass. This is glass that is divided by a layer of PVB plastic between the glass sheets. When faced with a hurricane or tropical storm, and flying debris gets launched at your home, the outer layer of glass may crack, but the plastic interior will stand against the impact. A regular glass window would shatter, leaving your home exposed to the wind and rain while also creating an opportunity for injury or death should someone get struck by debris. By upgrading to impact glass, you can more effectively protect your home during these times while also lowering your insurance premiums. This doesn’t just apply to homeowners, though, as business owners can also benefit from the added security impact glass provides.


Contact Us for Impact Front Doors

If you’re ready to upgrade your home or business with an impact glass windows and doors, and you’re located in Miami, then look no further than our window and door company: Florida Engineered Glass Corp. We will work with you to provide you the impact front doors and windows while achieving the look and feel you want for your home. Don’t rely on tape or plywood shutters during a storm because they are not effective at protecting you and your home. Contact us today for more information on our services.