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The Importance of Wind Pressure Calculations & Your Impact Windows

The term “wind load” is a term that is used to describe any pressures or forces that the wind exerts on a building or structure. A wind pressure calculator is utilized in order to figure out how much wind pressure your windows and doors are able to stand. Impact windows and doors are able to withstand much more wind pressure than normal glass, which makes them ideal for the state of Florida, since tropical storms and hurricanes are common here and can do severe damage without the proper preparation. Read on to learn more about the importance of wind pressure calculations as well as to be informed about how these calculations figure into your impact windows and doors. Protect your home with impact windows and doors Miami residents rely on from hurricanes and winds that can cause serious damage to your property. Call Florida Engineered Glass Corp. today for your impact window needs!

Types of Wind Load

There are three main types of wind forces that can be exerted on a building and that we typically measure when it comes to calculating wind load. The first is uplift wind load. The uplift wind load is an upwards force of the wind that can affect roof structures or similar horizontal structures in a building, such as canopies or awnings. The wind flow underneath a roof structure will push the roof upwards, while the wind flow over the horizontal structure may pull the roof upwards. Secondly there is the shear wind load. This is a horizontal pressure or force that is able to cause walls or vertical structural elements to tilt or crack, causing a building to tilt. Lastly, there is the lateral wind load. Lateral wind load is another type of horizontal wind pressure that is able to shift a structure off of its foundations or even cause the structure to overturn. 

Wind Pressure Calculator

There are certain wind load calculations for windows, doors, and shutters that impact windows and doors Miami residents utilize must follow. The Florida Building Code stipulates that all new windows, doors, or shutters must be tested and assigned a Notice of Acceptance prior to be installed in structures. This means that these structures have to withstand the specific wind loads for the area that they are being installed in. The wind load is a term that describes the forces or pressures that are exerted on a structure and the components that the structure is comprised of, as discussed above. Wind-load pressures are displayed in positive and negative numbers since wind pressures are assumed to act both toward and away from a building surface. When the forces act toward the structure, they can be categorized as positive pressures, and when wind pressures act away from the structure, they are then labeled as negative pressures. Impact resistant windows and doors are tested for both pressures, negatives and positives. Without the wind load calculations, there would be no certainty if the window meets and exceeds the potential wind forces during a hurricane. Florida Engineered Glass Corp. is able to provide you with the specific wind loads per opening in order to coordinate them with your NOA so that the structure you are installing is up  to code.

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A wind pressure calculator will help provide you with the wind pressure calculations required for impact windows and doors. Call Florida Engineered Glass Corp. today for impact windows and doors Miami residents trust!