top 5 reasons why your windows leak
Written by Florida Engineered Glass Corp.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Windows Leak

Leaky windows are such a hassle and they cause a lot of stress for homeowners when they are not taken care of. Every time it rains you have to make sure to run and grab the towels because you know that the surrounding area in your home is going to get wet. Florida Engineered Glass Corp. tells you the top reasons your hurricane windows may be leaking or even your regular windows, so you do not have to experience this ever again. We understand how inconvenient it is to have leaky windows, which is why we tell you the reasons your windows are leaking. This might happen for several reasons, so it is important to note the top 5 reasons why your windows leak so you can fix the exact problem with your window. It can be near impossible to figure out the top causes for window leaking with the naked eye, which is why you need professionals like us to share our insight with you. We love helping communities around Florida, so take our advice!


The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Windows Leak

We want to inform you of the main reasons for window leaking, so you do not stress every time it rains. One of the common causes of window leaks is poor sealant. The seal around your windows is rather self-explanatory because it is supposed to seal out the elements. Therefore, if parts of your windows are not sealed well or not sealed at all, water will enter your home. Improper installation is another cause of leaky windows because there could be wrong measurements, loose parts, cracks, and other frustrating factors that cause water to seep through. Not having overhangs is another reason for leaky windows since overhangs are supposed to prevent water from dripping on your windows altogether. Another reason is leaks in your wall that you are mistaking for leaks in your windows, so make sure that you check your surrounding walls. Bad angles are also a major factor because your windows might be angled, so the water drips onto your home instead of away from it.


Different Leaks 

Different parts of your windows leak and cause you to ask yourself, “why are my windows leaking?” Here are the different leaks that homeowners experience:

  • Windows leaking at the top
  • Windows leaking at the bottom
  • Leaks between window panes
  • Leaks from condensation


Hire A Reliable Team 

It is crucial that you hire a reliable team of experts like us to install your windows or else you will experience window leaks. You can rest assured that our team always checks sealing, angles, overhangs, and everything else that contributes to window leaks, so you do not have to deal with them. Window leaks can occur after years of using them, but hiring a strong company will make all of the difference.


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Florida Engineered Glass Corp. knows the top 5 reasons why your windows leak and we love sharing them with homeowners across Florida. We do not want you to experience leaky windows and pinpointing the reason why they are leaking in the first place will help you. So call or visit us today for more advice from us.