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Have a Jewelry Store? Protect It With Impact Glass

For jewelry stores, large front windows are imperative to drawing in customers. People love to ogle at the elaborate displays of gems and stones, precious metals twisted into elegant forms. However, there is one major downside to big, glass windows: burglars. Jewelry stores are some of the most common targets for theft, so many shop-owners see the glass as a risk. You can install all kinds of security systems, but if the thief is simply able to break through your windows and take your precious gems, there’s no guarantee you’ll ever get them back. So what’s the solution? Storefront impact glass. Here at Florida Engineered Glass, we’ve helped plenty of Miami store owners protect their merchandise with glass that can withstand the forces of even a hurricane (so burglars are no match). Check out all the features we offer today!

What Are My Options

If you’ve done any research, you may have found that an impact window installation is the most costly of solutions, and be wondering what your other options are. Are there any that are just as good? That’s why we’ve laid out the different types of glass that can be used to protect your storefront, along with their pros and cons.

1) Unsecured, or “floating” glass

Floating glass is the most commonly used type of glass for home windows. These types of windows are the thinnest, and will get the job done if you are just looking to protect yourself from the elements.

However, they are also the easiest to break— and when they do break, they fracture into large pieces, more likely to cause injury. Because of all this, they’re not so great for protecting your store.

2) Tempered glass

Also known as safety glass, this is definitely a step up from floating glass. It’s much more resistant to breakage, unlike floating glass, and if you do manage to break it, the glass usually shatters, making the clean-up less dangerous.

3) Laminated Glass

Nearly impossible to break, an impact window installation can withstand the forces of even a hurricane (so unless your burglar is Thor, they really don’t stand a chance). How does it work? Laminated glass takes 2 (or more) panes of glass and bonds them together with a sheet of plastic in the middle. This strengthens glass against outside forces and keeps the glass held in place in the frame, even if broken.

Why Laminated Glass Makes The Best Storefront Impact Glass

Out of all these options, laminated impact windows are the most effective, which is why they’re our recommendation for protecting your business. In fact, because of its added security, more and more businesses have switched over to laminated glass to take care of your storefront, while still allowing passing visitors to see all you have to offer inside your store. Laminated glass can also be easily integrated with additional security alarms and even provide some soundproofing for your store.

Contact Us For Impact Window Installation

At Florida Engineered Glass, we’re Florida natives, who know the importance of keeping businesses safe from any and all kinds of threats— including burglars. That’s why so many Miami businesses have entrusted us to install their own storefront impact glass. Give us a call to learn more about the benefits of impact glass!