should I put tape on my hurricane windows
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Should I Put Tape On My Hurricane Windows

As you prepare for hurricane storms in Florida, you’ll hear lots of opinions from self-acclaimed experts and homeowners alike. While some of these opinions or advice can be life-saving, others aren’t helpful. One frequent one we hear is that taping your hurricane windows will save your window. How good is this advice? Does this advice make you ask: “Should I put tape on my hurricane windows?” Experts at Florida Engineered Glass Corp. have provided answers to this question. So, do you need to put tape on impact windows before a hurricane?  Let’s find out!

Should I Put Tape On My Hurricane Windows

Have you ever asked a homeowner: “why do you put tape on windows?” One reason many homeowners tape their hurricane windows is to protect their windows from shattering. But experiences have shown that it doesn’t work. Instead, it makes shattered pieces bigger and more threatening. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) reports that when flying debris hits taped hurricane windows, it will break and even do so in large pieces. It is better to have your windows break into smaller pieces than to have them in larger pieces. So, when a hurricane threatens is putting tape on windows a waste of time? Yes! Apart from the potential harm, you’ll still have to do some cleanup because the sun-baked tape is tough to take off. Instead of taping your hurricane windows, install shutters. For further verification, some experts carried out a test. A potato was fired at a hurricane window. Guess what happened? It went right through the hurricane window. What does that prove? It doesn’t work! We are sure you already know the answer to this question: “Should I put tape on my hurricane windows?”

Don’t Crack Open Hurricane Windows

Many homeowners might want to relieve pressure indoors, so they crack open their windows. Well, that isn’t a good idea. Your home likely has tiny openings. And when a hurricane strikes, it is unlikely for the storm to exert pressure sufficient to blow from the inside.

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We are sure we’ve provided an answer to your question: “Should I put tape on my hurricane windows?” Well, if you live in Florida, it’s best to prioritize preparation for hurricanes. One of the best ways to do that is to consult professionals. They’ll educate you about the myths you should steer clear of and the best ways to prepare ahead. At Florida Engineered Glass Corp., our professionals work to ensure you stay secure during and after every hurricane storm. Do you still want to find answers to questions like, what kind of tape do you use on windows, how do you tape windows for a hurricane, and do you tape windows inside or outside? Contact our professionals today for a well-detailed answer and to make further inquiries.