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If only we lived in a world where you can simply add anything you want to your property without having to get permission. When you think about it, it is your house, so why do you need to ask the state if you can to install anything, partially impact windows and door Miami. Unfortunately, that is the law, and we must respect it. If you make the decision to install a window, you first need to get a permit to replace windows. That is where we come in. We are Florida Engineered Glass Corp.


Hurricane Season Is Nothing To Joke About


Living in Florida, you already know that Summers here are known for one thing. We are talking about hurricanes. Because of these powerful storms, it is imperative you install these special windows to protect your home and family.

But, what is the process for installing new windows, and do you need a building permit for impact windows? The simple answer is yes.

In most cases, building permits are required for the installation of impact windows in Florida. This is especially true in South Florida – particularly Broward and Miami-Dade counties – which are classified High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ). As section 104.1.1 of the Florida Building Code states:

“Any owner, authorized agent, or contractor who desires to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish, or change the occupancy or occupant content of a building or structure, or any outside area being used as part of the building’s designated occupancy (single or mixed) or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert, or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system, the installation of which is regulated by the technical codes, or to cause any such work to be done, shall first make application to the building official and obtain the required permit for the work.”

How Do You Get A Permit To Replace Windows

Here is a quick overview of what to expect during the application process:

  • Fill out the application – You must be sure to have all relevant information about the project: permit type (commercial, residential, etc.), the total value of work to be done, square footage of the property, description of the work to be carried out and who will be in
  • Once the application is approved, pick up your permit – Permits are valid provided an approved inspection is obtained no more than 180 days after its issuance, and an approved inspection is obtained every 180 until the project’s completion.
  • stalling the windows.
  • Return the forms to your city’s Building Department – Residential permits can take up to 30 days for approval, while commercial applications can take up to 50 days.

Ask Us About Impact Windows and Doors Miami

We are the experts to trust when it comes to getting a permit to replace windows. We will help you every step of the way. Get started in creating a home that is safe. You can do so by protecting your home with a hurricane entry door that is custom made. Florida Engineered Glass Corp wants to help you keep your Miami home safe this hurricane season. Call us to discuss upgrading your home today and ask us about our impact front doors. We are the ones to trust! Ask us about impact windows and doors Miami.


At FEG we make sure financing your Window & Door project is as easy and affordable as possible. Our team will be there for you to go over details and a variety of attractive financing options to help you fit your project within budget. Once submitted, You’ll receive a decision regarding your application within minutes.