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Find Out The Insurance Benefits To Residential Impact Windows

As we are in the middle of hurricane season here in Florida, a lot of South Florida residents are thinking about ways to protect their homes in the case that a storm hits. In this coastal state most homeowners are familiar with the dangers of hurricanes and tropical storms, and they are often prepared with their emergency supply kits, evacuation plans, and plywood for boarding up vulnerable windows and openings. However, is plywood really the best option? Even though plywood is something that is easy to put up and affordable, in the majority of cases, impact resistant windows can provide you with a much better value. From increasing the property value of your home, to providing a truly strong barrier when powerful storms hit, impact resistant windows offer a variety of advantages that plywood simply is unable to provide. Read on to learn more about the benefits of residential impact windows and how they may be able to help with your insurance. If you’re looking for impact windows for sale in the Miami area, call Florida Engineered Glass Corp. today!


Insurance Benefits From Installing Residential Impact Windows


There are many benefits to installing impact windows on your property. Impact glass windows offer amazing protection from hurricanes, keep your house safe from burglaries, and also help to save money on your energy bills. One of the benefits they offer that is less talked about is the money it can help you save on insurance. In 2015, the State of Florida passed legislation stating that insurance providers are required to give discounts to those who have implemented wind mitigation techniques designed to limit damage to their property from winds and storms. Statute 627.0628 states that “a rate filing for residential property insurance must include actuarially reasonable discounts, credits, or other rate differentials, or appropriate reductions in deductibles, for properties on which fixtures or construction techniques demonstrated to reduce the amount of loss in a windstorm have been installed or implemented.” Impact windows fall under this definition, which basically means that you can earn some significant savings! Every insurance provider varies, but in some instances homeowners have received up to a 45% discount on their home’s insurance premiums.


Why You Should Look For Impact Windows For Sale


Since insurance discounts can vary a bit from each provider, it is best to consult with your homeowner’s insurance provider to see what insurance incentives are available to you if you install hurricane windows. Typically, however, the following information is necessary to receive a discount on your insurance premiums:

  • A wind mitigation inspection report
  • The mitigation techniques must cover all openings in your property
  • Mobile homes not applicable
  • The insurance discount only applies to any wind damage which is part of your policy
  • The impact windows have to comply with the current Florida Building Code


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There are many benefits to installing residential impact windows, and getting a discount on your insurance premiums is certainly a good one to know! Florida Engineered Glass Corp. is a top provider of glass impact windows in Miami. If you’re looking for impact windows for sale, call Florida Engineered Glass Corp. and order today!