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Our impact windows are made to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. View the full array of styles that we make and protect your investment.

Impact Doors

View our selection of impact door products. From bi-folds to french to storefront doors, we can ensure that your home or commercial property is properly secured.

About Impact Doors & Windows

Miami impact doors and custom impact windows are your ultimate defense against the challenging weather conditions we experience in Florida. Impact doors and windows are specially designed to withstand the powerful forces of hurricanes and tropical storms, common in the Miami area. They are constructed using advanced materials and engineering techniques, making them incredibly sturdy and resistant to impact from flying debris. These doors and windows protect your property from damage and provide an added layer of security against intruders. Beyond their exceptional durability, custom impact windows offer the flexibility to match your unique architectural style and design preferences, ensuring that your home or business remains safe, stylish, and protected. Trust Florida Engineered Glass to install your Miami impact doors and custom impact windows.