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Anyone old enough to remember living in Pinecrest in August 1992, knows the village was extremely devastated by Hurricane Andrew. It took years for the village to fully recover, and many people never truly did. To help make sure your business is protected as best as it can be, we suggest installing impact front doors. Who are we to advise though? We are Florida Engineered Glass Corp. the best supplier of impact doors In Pinecrest. Located in Miami, we have been providing the good people of Florida with hurricane protection for over three generations.

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  • Impact Front Doors
    • Our impact doors are made out of impact glass which is when two or more panes of glass are bonded together and contain a strong and clear interlayer in the middle. This makes the glass extremely resilient, very hard to dent, nearly impossible to break, and very effective at preventing damage to your business from both hurricanes and burglars. The glass also reduces outside sounds which will make for a much more peaceful experience for anyone shopping in your store. Because of its airtight nature, the glass is well insulated and will keep in heat during the winter, and keep in the cool during the summer.
  • Conceptual Design
    • Too many times have we seen projects done by our competitors that weren’t thought out end up disappointing their customers. To avoid this we will work with you to understand your desires, specifications, code requirements, budget, and aesthetic preferences to guarantee an end result that you love.
  • New Construction
    • If you’re starting with a new construction we’re happy to help you get financing so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get what you need to make sure your business is safe. We’re no strangers to new constructions and have contributed to over 148 new buildings and 538 new homes.
  • Replacement Windows
    • Replacing your current windows with impact windows won’t usually require major alterations to your window opening. Most of the time we just need to remove the stucco and rarely we might need to alter the interior finishes. Unlike hurricane shutters though, our glass windows won’t stick out from normal windows meaning you can keep with Pinecrest’s theme of great looking buildings.


Local Fun Facts

Pinecrest is famous for having one of the first tourist attractions in the Miami-Dade County area with the opening of Parrot Jungle in 1936. From it’s opening until 2003, the attraction was visited by over a million people including Winston Churchill. While Parrot Jungle would eventually move to Miami in 2003, where it still operates to this day, the old area for Parrot Jungle became Pinecrest Gardens. While Pinecrest Gardens is the largest park, the village is also home to six public parks. Its parks aren’t the only way Pinecrest has gone green as the village has planted over 10,000 street trees since 1997. There are so many trees that Pinecrest was named Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation. After all the devastation caused by Hurricane Andrew, Pinecrest has prided itself on becoming one of the most beautiful villages in all of Florida.

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Has our impact doors helped prevent damage or theft to your business during a storm or attempted burglary? If so, please share it here! If you’re not a customer yet, then we suggest checking out all the happy customers who have benefited from our services and products.

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During our normal business hours, we are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Our office is closed on the weekends.

Q&A on Impact Doors in Pinecrest

Yes! Our impact glass will help protect your business from UV Rays and help prevent the fading of photos, clothing, paintings, and more.

Yes! By being designed to be airtight, you will lose less cool air and heat out of your building during the summer and winter. This means you won’t have as high bills as your heating and air conditioning systems won’t have to work as hard.

With the resin-sealing inner layer between the two or more thick panes of glass, our door glass is incredibly hard to crack let alone break. This means our doors will pass even the most strict building codes.

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With the owners of Florida Engineered Glass Corp. living and operating out of Miami for over three generations, we’re no strangers to the pitfalls of living in Florida. Despite the danger of hurricanes, we refuse to leave our home, which is why we’ve dedicated our business to protecting the good people of Florida with our impact front doors. As the best supplier of impact doors in Pinecrest, we urge you to give us a call so we can continue to keep the stores of Pinecrest safe while looking their best.