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My Hurricane Window Is Stuck

A stuck hurricane window during the hot summer weather is a nightmare. Hurricane windows stick for many reasons, and unsticking them demands the best technique. Since there is more than a single reason hurricane windows can get stuck, there are also several ways to unstick them. So, if you’ve ever asked: “My hurricane window is stuck, what can I do?” You’ll find the answer in this article. Our experts here in Florida Engineered Glass Corp. have embedded several techniques you can apply to keep your windows gliding smoothly once again. However, if your hurricane window is stuck down due to a severe reason, consult our experts in Florida today!

My Hurricane Window Is Stuck: Here Are The Causes

Here below are some of the common causes of stuck windows:

  1. Shifting Foundation- When the foundation shifts, the window frames absorb the pressure. When this happens, the frame distorts, which will make it difficult for the window sash channels to line up with the window, stopping it from fully opening and closing.
  2. Debris- Debris or dirt in the sliding track of a window can obstruct free movement. Also, rust in the metal sliding track can lead to obstructions too.
  3. Damage- Several parts of the impact window could be damaged. The frame or the window itself can be damaged. Window locks or metal catches can also start to fall out of place.

What You Can Do About Stuck Windows

If you have identified why your window isn’t opening correctly, the next step is to fix it. Well, there are three tips on how to fix a window that is stuck. These are:

  • Minor Adjustments- Minor adjustments would be needed to fix the problem if it’s minor. If the problem is a shifting foundation, simple lifting and pushing of the window can be enough. Quick fixes might also include cleaning or lubricating the sliding track. 
  • Window And Hardware Repairs- If the window problem is severe, a repair would be necessary. For example, if some parts are rotting, it might be best to have them repaired or replaced. 
  • Window Replacement- If your hurricane window will not close or open, it might be a sign of a bigger problem. If the damage to the window is extensive, you’d need a replacement. For instance, if it’s multiple sticking, it might just be best to upgrade your windows. But what if you don’t know why your impact window isn’t closing properly? Speak with an expert! 

What You Should Do 

Sticking windows can transition from minor to severe damages. So, if you have difficulty fixing your window or think the problem your window has is bigger, speak to our experts today! If you ask our professionals what to do about stuck windows, they’ll assess the problem and confirm your needs. 

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When you ask: “My hurricane window is stuck, what can I do?” Know that you have to identify the problem first, then if it’s a major issue, you’ve got to speak with our professionals at Florida Engineered Glass Corp. Our trained experts in Florida will help you figure out the next cost-effective steps. As the best window repair near me, contact us for a quote today!