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Here at Florida Engineered Glass Corp., we are a third-generation family company that specializes in supplying commercial, residential, and private-owned projects with hurricane resistant impact front doors and windows Miami-Dade county trusts. Miami-Dade county is a beautiful area known for its fantastic sunny weather, world-renowned beaches, and friendly people. However, it is also an area that is often affected by strong winds and tropical storms, putting impact glass windows and doors in high demand. Florida Engineered Glass Corp. provides services such as the fabrication and installation of storefronts, curtain walls, sliding glass doors, windows, impact and non-impact systems, glass partitions, aluminum and glass doors, retrofits and other customer designed products made out of impact glass. We showcase and feature the largest selection of leading manufacturers of doors and windows in all of Miami-Dade County! Our sales staff is also highly trained and experienced and will help you find the Miami-dade windows you are looking for. Call Florida Engineered Glass Corp. today to order!

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Benefits Of Impact Glass

There are many benefits to using impact glass windows:

  • Convenience- When you trust your windows to the protection of hurricane shutters, you will be required to put them up and take them down whenever a hurricane warning is issued. Your windows will be ready to go at all times with impact glass.
  • Efficiency- Impact glass will help you save on utilities by keeping hot air out during summer and keeping heat in during the winter, which makes them a great long-term, cost-saving investment
  • Protection- Impact glass is composed of multiple layers, making it much harder to penetrate. Even if it is damaged, impact glass will give your home more protection than regular glass from robbers and extreme weather
  • Aesthetics- Your home’s exterior appearance is compromised by hurricane shutters, while impact glass allows homeowners to keep the appearance you paid for all year round.

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Impact glass is often confused with tempered glass, even though the two are two totally different types of glass. Impact glass is created by bonding together two or more panes of glass, in between which there is a strong and clear interlayer. There also may be the addition of a third layer in the airspace between the two pieces of glass in order to provide extra insulation. This double-layered design is commonly known as laminated glass, and if there is an extra layer it is known as laminated insulating glass. Thanks to these multiple layers, impact glass is able to provide a range of benefits for residents of Miami-Dade County if they choose to install an impact window or impact front doors that Miami residents trust. Florida Engineered Glass Corp. provides impact windows and doors that are extremely effective when hurricanes strike, while staying true to the exterior aesthetics of your home.

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Florida Engineered Glass Corp. produces hurricane windows and impact front doors that Miami-Dade residents trust. Call Florida Engineered Glass Corp. today for your reliable Miami-Dade windows to protect your home today!


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