What are Impact Windows?

Impact windows save your home from damage and destruction in the event of a storm. In a place like Miami, prone to hurricanes and tropical winds, impact windows are a necessity. Installing impact windows Miami residents trust could be one the best decisions you ever make. Our windows are made of high-grade aluminum framing. they also have a PVB interlayer sealed in between two layers of glass. Protection from fast-flying debris is not the only protection you’ll get with impact windows. Impact windows also protect from break ins. The thick two layers of glass make it difficult for burglars to get into your house by breaking a window. This means year round protection for you and your family. Not only that, but you will be saving time if you ever have to prepare for a storm. If you’ve been through a storm in Miami, you know how precious time is when getting ready for a storm. Having to put up storm panels can take up a considerable amount of time. While still leaving you with doubts as to how efficient they will be at protecting you. Leave that hassle to the professionals at Florida Engineered Glass Corp. You will have the certainty that everything is placed properly. Your family is going to be able to stay safe!

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Serious Safety with Impact Windows in Miami

Homeowners in the area tend to prefer big windows to enjoy the panoramic views of Miami. Especially in houses that are near the beach. These huge windows though will potentially increase the amount of heat that is transferred to the inside of the property. Which means that you will need to crank up the A.C. higher inside those houses. With impact windows Miami homes will not only feel safer, but will end up saving a pretty penny on the electric bill. The windows are built to also provide a more insulated environment. That means you won’t be getting those massive heat waves from the sun every morning. You will still have the opportunity to enjoy the sunny view from the comfort of your home! Savings will also not stop at the electric bill. According to Florida state law insurance providers are required to provide savings to users who implement tactics to decrease potential losses during storms. What you invest in windows will pay high dividends on your personal economy in the long run.

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At Florida Engineered Glass Corp. we not only put all of our efforts into ensuring that our products will keep your family safe in the event of disaster. We also want your family to enjoy the everyday benefits of our services. Installing our impact windows in to a Miami area home and business owners will have you resting easy. Regardless of the storms or personal issues that they may lay waiting for them. If you want to know what that it feels like to really feel that your family is safe while keeping a few more dollars in your wallet at the end of the month reach out to us today!

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