Impact windows in Miami
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Don’t Be the Neighbor Without Impact Windows this Season

Due to the hurricane threats that homes in Florida have faced each year, the importance of building a sturdier home has been emphasized over the years. If you look back to 1992 when Hurricane Andrew destroyed over 125,000 houses, you’ll understand the essence of quality construction, especially in a place like Miami. Over the years, most homeowners have attempted to protect their homes from advancing Hurricanes by trying out various protective measures; some even use plywood to seal over the windows of their homes. It might seem like a great idea, but the fact is that plywood protection will stand no chance against an incumbent hurricane. This is why Impact Windows for sale has become an improvement for homes in Miami. Florida Engineered Glass Corp. is the top company specialized in the production of these superior products. 


Impact Windows are meant to withstand high torrent winds of 220 to 395 miles per hour. You can see that this is worth your investment if you reside in Miami. Windows resistant to a hurricane are the best additions for your home. If you’re looking for impact windows for sale, then I suggest you visit Florida Engineered Glass Corp., they are the forerunners when it comes to high-quality resistant windows and doors. For these windows to meet the various standards, tests are conducted on them to ensure their durability.


Pressure Tests on Impact Windows

Pressure tests are carried out on these Impact Windows to ensure that it can withstand the wind pressure from a hurricane. It is a triple test that includes the structure test, test for water-resistant capability, and test for air pressure capability. All these tests put together are to understand the strength of the window. Other tests are still conducted following the different hurricane frequencies. Florida Engineered Glass Corp. will provide you with windows that have a rating of DP 50. Windows like these are known to withstand the most intense types of wind.


Shatterproof Structure

The exciting aspect of these products is that they have a shatterproof structure in place. No matter the impact on the glass, the shatterproof design keeps it from shattering inside. The inner membrane is also put in place to stop the window from shattering. Rest assured that there will be no glass debris flying about whenever there is an impact on your window. 


Protection of Your Home Structure

Your window structures are critical to maintaining the structure of your home. Whenever your window shatters, and your window structure is in shambles, there’s every possibility that your house structure is at risk of collapse. This is why these resistant windows come with a sturdier window structure that protects the integrity of your home.


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