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Caring For Your Impact Glass Products 101 Guide

Did you know that as the owner of a home with impact glass products, you are responsible for seeing through the caring and maintaining tasks needed to secure the full-on purpose they were initially designed to fulfill? At Florida Engineered Glass Corp., we’re specialists on the subject, counting with expertise passed on from three generations, dedicated to successfully execute the projects on impact windows and doors Miami locals trust. Hence, we decided to share with you the essentials on the caring and maintenance tasks needed to preserve impact products.


What Are Impact Products? How Can They Benefit Your Home?

If you just moved into a new home secured by impact products, but the concept of it all is unfamiliar to you. Then, it is essential you know what does this line of products means and entails.


Impact products are a type of glass windows and doors fabricated to withstand the inclement weather conditions appearing during severe tropical storms, hurricanes, cyclones, and so on, that can have a menacing impact on the integrity of a house, building, or construction facility in general. 


In addition to providing safety during storms and hurricanes, impact glass also offers other outstanding benefits.

  • Noise reduction.
  • Keeping out the intruders.
  • Reducing the unintentional impact caused by third parties (window craking hit by a football, a falling branch of a tree).
  • Reduction of debris formation in case of shattering. 
  • Providing an extra barrier against UV rays.


It’s no wonder, the line of impact glass products is on high demand in Florida.


Caring and Maintenance Tips for Impact Windows and Doors Miami Residents Need to Do

The top functionality of impact glass windows and doors over time relies on the practice of caring and maintenance activities.

  • Cleaning of windows, doors, and accessories

Wash with light pressure water, preferably avoiding direct sunlight. Target the removal of accumulated dust and stain particles. 

  • Glass
    • Rinse with water.
    • Apply a soft cloth soaked with an approved cleaner.
    • Rinse once again and dry.
  • Frames
    • Rinse with water.
    • Wipe the frame with a soap mixture and let it dry.
    • Polish the frame with a car-wax mixture. 
  • Screens
    • Remove from the handle and clean it on a proper surface.
    • Wipe using a cloth or soft brush soaked with a cleaner.
    • Dry with a cloth and reinstall.
  • Hardware maintenance
    • Use oil to lubricate pieces.
    • Clean the weatherstrip with a cloth soaked in soap.
    • Keep the water drain clean.


Additionally, Comply with these Guidelines 

  • Frequency of cleaning
    • Coastal area residents: once a month.
    • Noncoastal area residents: once a year.
  • Additional cleanings could be necessary after visual inspection.  
  • Pick approved cleaners, solvents and solutions, if hesitant you can ask the provider. 
  • Avoid any of the following substances:
    • Oily products.
    • Caustic solvents.
    • Acids (hydrochloric or phosphoric).  
  • Avoid using objects harmful to the windows, doors, and accessories:
    • Hoses and power washers.
    • Metalic sharp objects.
    • Abrasive materials. 


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