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Why Installing Impact Windows And Doors At Home Is A Smart Idea

If you own a home in Miami, you must do all you can to shield it from the threat of hurricane storms. One of the ways to make your home ready for any potential storm is by installing impact windows and doors. But have you sometimes snubbed the thought of installing the best impact window Miami locals swear by? Then, you are one of the homeowners we have compiled this for. At Florida Engineered Glass Corp., we’ve verified that the addition of these windows and doors to your home is a brilliant idea. How? Let’s explore!

Impact Windows And Doors Are Very Durable

Impact windows are manufactured from commercial aluminum frames. Its glass, one of the aesthetic components, has several layers of glass as panes. The panes are built with thin layers of vinyl to make them sturdy. When any unusual pressure hits them, the initial layer of tempered glass is pushed to the vinyl layer. It is this layer that absorbs the pressure.

In most cases, the impact can lead to a visible spider-web-like pattern. With it, you are secured! However, impact windows aren’t enough to secure a home. You would have to install specially designed frames that come with the ability to hold your impact window and door in place. The weight of these windows is one of the reasons to install frames to bear the weight. Installed frames must also be strong enough to withstand hurricane pressure. The same rule applies to impact doors.

They Can Be Trusted

If you are getting an authentic impact window Miami residents trust, you won’t be disappointed. Before hurricane windows are made to the public, they first undergo comprehensive testing. The first test involves striking the window with heavy objects at the same speed as a hurricane storm. Another test involves placing the window glass in a room with an intense pressure that matches the one created by a natural storm. If a glass survived these tests, it would be marked safe for use.

They Are Manufactured With A Specific Rating

Keep in mind that all impact windows or doors do not come with the same rating. These ratings are based on varying locations. So before purchasing one for your home, keep an eye on the rating! Here, you will need the help of an installation company. They’ll advise you on the rating you should get for your area. Impact windows also come with varying designs you can choose from. If you ask an installation company for a quality impact window Miami locals love, you would be stunned at the different designs and colors you can choose from.  

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