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Window Styles to Know & Choose From

At Florida Engineered Glass Corp. in Miami, we know that hurricanes can be as strong as an atom bomb and their energy can be highly destructive. This unforgiving force of nature can cause damage that you can’t imagine. Whether you talk about residential spaces or commercial spaces, a particular segment of your building, which is highly susceptible to damage is your non-impact windows. Hurricanes carry along the debris and hurl it through your building’s non-impact windows. Of course, no one wants it to happen to their house or commercial space and get trapped inside while broken glass windows fling throughout their space. So, it is always better to go for the impact window styles, which will provide you with the safety and security against these storms. 

If you’re looking for impact windows Miami locals trust, Florida Engineered Glass Corp. is the place for you. But before you pick the windows, here are some basic terms that you need to know. We want to make sure to provide you with the best quality impact windows for your space. 

Importance of installing impact windows

You never know what nature is about to bring to your doorsteps. Sometimes it brings such strong forces of energy, which result in destruction. You may not stop those forces of energy, but you can put your best efforts to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

The fact is that whenever such a damage is about to occur, windows of a building are the weakest segment to handle the consequences of a storm. And, if you have installed non-impact windows in your home or office, the chances are that these will not be able to handle the pressure of the debris that a hurricane brings along. 

On the other hand, impact windows are made in such a manner that they are tested with rigorous stress to ensure the strongest protection and safety. Make sure you choose an impact window Miami brand residents know and trust. 

The importance of installing impact windows is that they are capable of resisting the flying debris that comes along with a storm. This is one of the major steps to protect a home or any building space from damage or wind infiltration. If the debris will be prevented from penetrating into your building, it will not result in the formation of an internal pressure, hence providing you complete protection.

Some impact window styles to look for

Here are some designs and styles of impact windows that you can choose from:

       Casement windows: These types of windows swing open just like a car door. These windows provide your home excellent ventilation. The best part is that they don’t require the cumbersome rails which are otherwise the necessity of non-impact windows.

       Fixed windows: Just from the name, you can sense what kind of windows these are. These are fixed to the wall and don’t have the ability to pivot. These types of windows are best suited for your living room, dining room or master bedroom as well. Not only this window will offer you a wide open view of the brilliant scenery surrounding your home, but also it will allow a lot of beautiful natural light enter into your space.

       Horizontal rolling These windows have a sliding glass and that’s what grabs the attention at first place. These unique designs allow you to let a breeze in quite easily.

Now that you know some of the basic types of impact windows, you can decide which impact window Miami would work best with.

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