Impact window company near Miami
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Why You Should Invest in Impact Windows Now

If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, like Miami, then you know how crucial it is to be proactive and plan ahead rather than waiting for disaster to strike. Working with an impact window company, like Florida Engineered Glass Corp, is something you should consider doing before you find yourself in need of an impact window installation. Taking the time to learn why impact windows may be a good choice for you is imperative to make sure you are safe and well prepared for any type of weather or storm.


The Reasons You Should Be Thinking About Calling an Impact Window Company Now!

Even before a hurricane is going your way, there are critical steps that you should take to be sure that you and your home are prepared and safe. Having an impact window installation done before a hurricane is in the forecast is a fantastic way to ensure protection. Also, there have been some extreme changes made to these windows over the years, so there is a wide selection of styles and options available to suit your personal sense of style. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not adding high impact windows to your home is a good idea, keep reading below to find out some of the experts believe you should!


One of the biggest factors in any decision is price, and high impact windows are now extremely affordable. Over the past few years, these types of windows have become extremely cost-effective, making them available to a wider population. These strong quality windows provide much more to homeowners than hurricane protection. They can also help protect you and your home from intruders, outside noise, and stop almost one hundred percent of UV rays from coming into your house, which could be extremely beneficial in the Sunshine State.


Windows can act as a main entry point into your home, which makes them an extremely vulnerable spot on your home — not only against extreme weather but also for unwanted guests. If your windows are damaged or shattered during a rough storm with high winds, there is a very good chance that glass and other debris can enter your home and cause danger to your family. However, replacing your non-impact windows with high impact alternatives could be a way that you can prevent any of those accidents from happening, ensuring your home is secure and safe for the people you love.  


Finally, having high impact windows means that your home is always ready and prepared for the worst-case scenario. Having to apply plywood or shutters to your windows when you know a storm is coming isn’t as safe as installing high impact windows. Sure they serve a purpose and can help in an emergency, but there is also an excellent chance that some windows and spots of your home will be more protected than others, which is still leaving you vulnerable. 


Contact a Top Impact Window Company

Florida Engineered Glass Corp is a 3rd generation glass company in the Miami area. We specialize in single hung impact windows as well as sliding glass walls, bi-fold impact doors, and custom-designed pieces. So if you’re looking for an impact window installation or new impact doors for your home, call or visit us today!