impact vinyl windows in Miami
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All About Impact Vinyl Windows & Doors

Do you live in a place that is prone to hurricanes? If you live in Miami, then your answer is yes. If it is yes, then you must understand the need to be proactive about this harsh, cruel weather. Working with an impact vinyl window company, like Florida Engineered Glass Corp, is your best bet to securing your home with big windows and impact front doors. It is essential to take the time to learn why impact vinyl windows may be the right choice for you is imperative to make sure you are safe and well prepared for any weather or storm. Our doors and windows will make you sleep better at night because you’ll know that both your family and you are safe from devastating weather.

 Benefits of Our Service

There are many different types of Impact glass, so it comes with many various benefits. Benefits include lowering your power bill, reducing noise, deterring intruders, and reducing any damage received from hurricane weather. It is best known for its use on windows and doors and can replace hurricane shutters as long as they are correctly installed, and we don’t mess up our installations. Many homeowners find that having impact glass installed also plays a very important role during normal inclement weather as well as securing the home from any potential shattered glass from debris. If an intruder makes an attempt to get into your home or business and find themselves in a position that they are having trouble getting into your home, then more than likely, that will be enough for them to stop. The harder it is for a burglar to break in, the better. If a storm can’t get in, then chances are the burglar won’t either. Our impact front doors are hard as rocks and dense like them too. It’s best to have preventive measures, especially with hurricane season seemingly always around the corner. Knowing that impact glass will give you a higher advantage over regular glass is just the first step. 

Impact Vinyl Windows and Doors In Greater Detail

Vinyl has a clean look so that you won’t be sacrificing looks for safety. It is also virtually maintenance-free. It isn’t like the wooden ones that split, require painting, and it doesn’t rot. Vinyl is very resistant when it comes to environmental factors that affect wood. It also offers better insulation, and it’ll seal areas as you’ve never seen. It’ll improve your life in many ways, like lowering your energy bill due to better insulation. 

Call Us Today

If you’re ready to take your hurricane preparation in Miami or life to the next level, then call Florida Engineered Glass Corp.. Our impact vinyl windows and impact front doors or only some things that we can provide that’ll make your life better and safer. If a hurricane can’t breach our glass, then you can expect the same thing about a burglar. Please call us or visit our contact page today for impact windows and doors because of your safety matters to us.