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The Best Time To Install Impact Windows & Doors in FL

When you live in Miami, FL, hurricane and storm season is something you are well aware of and usually prepared for; however, if you are new to Florida, you might not realize everything a homeowner should do to prevent storm damage and hurricane-proof their home. One of the best solutions, when you are looking for protection from natural disasters, is to have impact resistant glass installed.

When researching impact resistant glass, make sure to choose impact windows and doors Miami weather will not be able to affect. Many times, hurricane-resistant windows and doors are installed during remodeling, but if a home renovation isn’t an option for you, there are a few other times in which you can install doors and windows.

When to Install Impact Resistant Glass

Miami has a dry season that is the perfect time to get started. People in South Florida should install new doors and windows between November and May when the weather is dry. To properly seal the doors and windows against drafts and moisture, the weather needs to be as dry as possible.

How Moisture Can Prevent Proper Window Installation

Moisture and humidity are your wooden window and door frame’s worst nightmare. When Installing the impact windows and doors Miami contractors recommend, beware of moisture. Humidity and rain can ruin the entire project by causing the wood to warp and swell. Fillers, adhesives, and silicones may not set properly and cause defects in the glass. When windows cannot seal and set appropriately in dry weather, there will be spaces or holes in the window frame where rain and wind can come in. This moisture can cause damage to your window sills, make your floors soaked, and have mold and mildew growing on the glass and frame.

Professional impact window installers can replace your residential windows with hurricane-proof glass in any climate; however, making sure that temperatures are at least consistently at 50 degrees Fahrenheit is always the best way to ensure that the windows won’t fail due to suboptimal installation environments.

Types of Impact Resistant Glass

You don’t want to get caught in the Miami hurricane season without having the proper protection for your home, including windows and doors that can resist up to 200 miles per hour winds and torrential downpouring of rain. Impact resistant glass will ensure that if a natural disaster strikes and your windows are damaged, they will not shatter and explode into your home, causing injuries to the people around. The glass is also more likely to stay together in the window frame so that water cannot get into your home.

Two types of impact resistant glass are usually available to consumers. The first uses a coating on both sides of the glass to resist shattering while the other, more popular version, uses an adhesive that is between two panes of glass to make the glass stronger and shatterproof.

When you are ready to install new impact resistant glass in your Miami home, call Florida Engineered Glass at 305-638-1566.