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Written by Florida Engineered Glass Corp.

Why Florida Engineered Glass Corp is the #1 Choice For Impact Products

Are you a Miami resident who is tired of worrying everytime hurricane season comes around? There is one easy solution to help ease your mind. Invest in quality impact products and windows. These not only protect your home from powerful storms, but they also ensure that nothing outside will come in, this includes burglars. Here at Florida Engineered Glass Corp, our mission is to keep your home and family safe.


Our Company

We are a 3rd generation glass company specializing in commercial, residential, and private-owned projects.  We offer services such as fabrication and installation of storefronts, curtain walls, sliding glass doors, windows, impact and non-impact systems, glass partitions, aluminum and glass doors, retrofits and custom designed products for your needs. Our inventory includes top of the line impact windows and doors Miami residents can count on.

We feature and showcase the biggest selection of leading manufacturers of doors and windows in all of South Florida. Our sales team is highly trained in the window & door market offering door and window sales, service, and Installations.


What are impact products?

What are they? Does my home need them? If you want to breathe a little easier every summer, we suggest to prepare for the worst and install impact products. Impact products can vary between doors and windows. Each is designed to withstand heavy storm winds and keep outdoor debris from impacting the interior of your home. They are built in a way that makes them very strong.


Hurricane Windows and Doors Miami Residents Can Count On

An impact window in a unique way. They combine heavy-duty frames that are filled with laminated the glass. The laminated glass is made up of special silicone glaze that keeps it from breaking away from its frame. The glass is comprised of two panels that are bonded together with another layer called polyvinyl butyral which is transparent. There is also a layer that is compressed with air or other gas to absorb heat.


Impact doors are similar. These doors a built differently than standard doors you will find in houses constructed today. The doors are built with either fiberglass or aluminum. Both types require little to no maintenance and are very strong. Not to mention, they are both designed to match the aesthetic of your home.


Another cool factor of these products is your home will be protected from burglaries. So even when there is not a storm to worry about, your valuables will still be safe from strangers attempting to steal your things.


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At Florida Engineered Glass Corp. we genuinely care about the safety of your home and family. Not only do we offer the best hurricane impact doors in Miami, Florida, but we provide our expertise. Our variety of impact products will keep you satisfied and your house happy.  When it comes time to prepare for the next hurricane, get a step ahead of the game and call us for a free estimate.

We look forward to protecting your home.