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How Much Force Can An Impact Glass Window Really Take?

Florida is known for its sunny weather, beautiful coastlines, and diverse culture. However, the start of hurricane season each year brings many devastating storms. Florida has experienced several strong storms recently- just in the last couple of years, both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Michael brought chaos and damage to Floridians on both coasts. Across the United States, images from around Florida flooded the news, and even if a storm doesn’t impact South Florida directly right now, many people are still left wondering when the next one will hit. This is why it’s especially important to think about how we are able to protect our homes, businesses, and families better. Impact glass windows and doors can be a great option to protect your property, as an impact glass window is able to stand up to stronger winds and blowing debris than regular glass windows. Read on to learn more about how much force impact glass windows are able to take, and if they are a good option to protect your home and family. Florida Engineered Glass Corp. provides hurricane windows and doors Miami residents trust. Call Florida Engineered Glass Corp. to order your windows today!


What Can An Impact Glass Window Withstand?


Hurricane windows are made out of layer upon layer of glass. These layers are then bonded tightly to an inner plastic layer for strength and extra stability. Lastly, these impact window panes are sealed into place professionally with a certain amount of flexibility so that it has some give and doesn’t shatter when wind or debris causes the windows to bend slightly. These layered impact window panes are able to withstand moderate to high wind speeds, including dreaded microbursts and flying debris in the majority of cases. The added protection of impact windows and flexible placement mean that your hurricane windows will be able to stand up to the big gusts and both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Michael unleashed. To provide even more peace of mind, impact window manufacturers are required legally to test their products against harsh conditions with large missile 2×4’ impact tests with wooden beams traveling at more than 30 mph.


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After the panes pass the first test, they are then run through additional testing. One test involves installation and then subjecting the hurricane windows to constant, cyclic wind loads. If the impact glass shatters or if the hurricane windows slide or pop out of their frames, then the product is unable to be sold. You can rest assured your investment is sound after your hurricane windows have passed through these stringent tests! Another thing to keep in mind is wind pressure. Even though many residents of Florida rely on metal shutters, they are difficult to install and take down, and they aren’t under the same regulations as impact windows and hurricane windows.

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An impact glass window is a formidable layer of protection between you and the elements and is held to rigorous testing standards. Florida Engineered Glass Corp. provides hurricane windows and doors Miami residents trust. Call Florida Engineered Glass Corp. today to order!