impact glass doors in Miami
Written by mycitysocial

Do Your Impact Glass Doors Look Aesthetically Pleasing?

Finding the right door for the space can be difficult, especially impact glass doors. But do they look aesthetically pleasing? Will they withhold the Miami storms that come every year? With Florida Engineered Glass Corp., we have you covered. We make sure the patio doors command attention and make sure they blend with your style. However, having a placement that draws light from the outside, but so large they showcase your interior as well can be a problem. Where do you start to place doors and avoid letting everyone in the neighbor tell you the color of your couch?

Impact Glass Doors During Storm Season

If you’re in tight spaces, we offer a sleek sliding patio door that pockets and panels while opening. This saves space by tucking the doors out of the way, rather than swinging out and taking more valuable space. Or the other option would be a bi-fold door that slides out of the way completely. 

Make sure to understand and plan for the point of entrance and the focal point within your home. Things to consider are traffic, year round use, and placement. This will save you time and money in the future. Whatever you style you wish to pick from, we have you covered to help customize your home with the right style.

Details In the Making

Consider the framing, hardware, and other details that will help add or ruin the look of your door. Color should blend with the surroundings both exterior and interior. Hardware comes in a variety of styles, colors, and accents. The flexibility makes it possible to achieve the look you want and add texture to your style. The most popular style is to mix a traditional design with contemporary hwarde for a transitional look. Handles also come in variety to make the look exclusively yours and complete it.

For weather climates and those who entertain will enjoy surrounding themselves with stunning views and outdoor spaces, we offer the contemporary collection. It keeps out the harsh elements with a tight seal, and it’s unique to the market with advanced hardware. It comes with a single level, and the panel shifts inward against the wall. The door opens with ease and can be in a locked position to divert any water away from the interior.

The bi-fold door also connects to the outside for easy entertainment and exceptional views. The bi-folds panels will slide out of the way to maximize the view. The multi-slide door moves effortlessly outdoors to lounge spaces and with massive spans touching the ceiling. It is low maintenance and resistant to harsh elements, dents, scratches, and rot-resistant.

Change Your View

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Florida Engineered Glass Corp., we provide stunning patio doors with effortless movement and styling accessories. No matter the weather in Miami and the changing seasons, we offer the best impact glass doors to add to the comfort of your home. Make a statement with the most important feature in your home, and make guests notice it first thing when they walk in.