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Make Your Impact Doors Blend In With Right Home Decor

Many homeowners who live in the Miami area purchase impact doors for their homes. These types of doors are crucial for hurricane season because they add extra protection to your home and for your family. However, some homeowners have a hard time figuring out how to blend in their french doors that resist hurricanes with their personal style or what they already have in their home. That is where we come in! Here at Florida Engineered Glass, we offer professional advice on how you can easily blend in your impact french doors with certain features of your home. These types of doors help people protect themselves and their homes from hurricanes every season, which is why we swear by them. However, we understand that people still want them to look nice in their homes. It can be challenging to figure out ways to make them look nice and blend in, but luckily, we have many ideas that you can use to make your doors look fabulous while still staying safe. 


Ideas For Impact Doors

You are probably wondering what kind of advice we offer on how to blend in impact french doors with your personal style and home in general. One of our ideas is to install shades on the outside of the doors to cover them fully. Many homeowners like to install their doors near a patio or porch. With shades covering them on the outside, you can disguise the doors and separate them from how they look outside versus inside. Another tip from us is to install doors that have a frosty glass instead of clear glass. This way, you won’t have to worry about strangers peering into your home, which is a common concern for homeowners. Another great way to blend your doors is to match the molding around them with the wall. This way, the doors will look bigger and blend in nicely with the wall. Shutters are another great idea that homeowners can install over top of the glass. Shutters will allow you to receive natural light while still providing privacy. Another tip you can use is installing drapes on the doors’ sides, so they look more like windows instead of random doors in your home. 


Get Creative

It can be hard to balance keeping your personal style while still being safe during hurricane season. Some homeowners prioritize aesthetics over safety, and some provide safety over aesthetics. Fortunately, with our advice, you can have both! We want your home to be protected from harsh winds while still allowing you to get creative and explore your personal style. 


We Are Here To Help

We value our customers over anything else. We are here to help you in any way we can regarding our impact french doors. Our team of experts can help you decide where you should install them in your home so they can blend in easily as well as how they will keep you as safe as possible during hurricane season. 


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Florida Engineered Glass are professionals who you can rely on. Our impact doors are not only extremely reliable and provide the best protection against hurricanes, but they can easily blend into your home. Call or visit us today in Miami for more advice on keeping your personal style while staying protected at the same time.