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The Difference Between Casement vs Fixed Casement Windows

Casement windows and fixed casement windows… They sound almost the same, but what’s the difference? Both have certain advantages and disadvantages to be sure. For example, impact casement windows–that is to say casement windows with impact glass–can be highly effective at enduring some of the harshest weather conditions we may face here in Miami. It’s important to know the difference between fixed and non-fixed casement windows, though, which is why we at Florida Engineered Glass Corp. want to take the time to describe them to you. We’ve helped provide hurricane windows and doors Miami homeowners have relied on to stay safe during stormy months, and our window knowledge can help us determine the best times to consider what kinds of windows to install.


Casement Vs Fixed Casement

So we’ve brought up that these are two different kinds of windows, but let’s talk about that difference. In short, casement windows can be opened outward from the side, much like a regular door. These are easier to open than windows that slide upward and are ideal for areas where gripping your window is more difficult, such as above your kitchen sink. Fixed casement windows look the same at first glance, but actually do not open. This makes fixed casement windows entirely decorative and are often used in places where you’d have multiple windows in a row. If you have a large bay window, you may want additional windows around it to let in more like, but the bay window is the one you’ll open on a beautiful day, so the other windows won’t need to be opened as well.


Something to note is that fixed casement windows will still feature the same type of frame as regular casement windows. These are decorative in nature and do not meant that the window will be openable. It all depends on the layout you’re looking for and whether or not you need windows that can open or that should just be decorative.


Why Choose Impact Casement Windows Over Regular Glass?

Impact glass consists of two sheets of glass separated by a thin sheet of hard plastic in between them. This makes these windows significantly more durable both to extreme weather as well as debris. In a hurricane-prone city like Miami, a storm can easily blow dangerous objects into your windows, and if they break, you’re both exposed to the storm and left with costly repairs. Impact glass will crack on the outside, but the layer of plastic will protect your window from completely shattering. This keeps you and your property safe while also being less expensive to repair.


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If you’re thinking your home could benefit from casement windows, or decorative, fixed casement windows, Florida Engineered Glass Corp. has you covered. When it comes to hurricane windows and doors Miami residents trust to protect their homes, we are the company to trust. We can help install impact casement windows, wither fixed or not, in any home. For more information, contact us today. We are here to help you stay safe year-round while also protecting your home and other possessions.