impact awning windows in Miami
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Check Out The Project Out Awning Impact Windows from PGI

If you’re looking for a beautiful window with unique function and extra protection, then you’ll really enjoy project-out impact awning windows from CGI. They can be utilized in any room and are frequently found in bathrooms with textured glass. It’s the perfect window for providing ventilation throughout the house, even on a rainy day. We’ll teach you all about these windows and what makes them so unique. If you’re interested in getting them installed, Florida Engineered Glass has been assisting residents in the Miami area for three generations. 


What Is a Project-Out Awning Impact Window?


When you think of your typical window, you’re likely picturing one that either slides up and down or side to side. That’s not the case with a project-out awning window, which takes a more creative unique to opening the window. 


Instead of sliding, it’ll be hinged at the top and will push out. This will create an opening for ventilation that will provide protection against rainy weather — similar to an awning, hence the name. 


With no rails or bars across the window, your view won’t be obstructed when looking out, and it’ll make for an easy cleaning job. They are incredibly versatile, making it easy to use them throughout your house in any room. Impact window installation is easy and won’t cause an extended disruption to your family.


What Types of Finishes Do Impact Awning Windows Come In?


When looking at awning windows from CGI, you’ll come across seven different finishes and eight different glass touches. There truly is a style for anyone, making it a popular choice for new homeowners looking for the right window collection to use. 


They have four basic finishes — white, bronze, bone, and clear anodized. If you’re looking for more of a wood grain finish, they also offer their awning windows in mahogany red, walnut brown, and hazelnut brown. 


As far as the glass is concerned, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can select clear, gray, dark gray, bronze, solexia, obscure, mist, and rain. You’ll be able to get the exact look and function you want with the right finish. For bathrooms, most people elect to go with the rain or mist, but obscure (frosted) glass can work as well. 


CGI also offers four different collections, including Sentinel, Targa, Commercial, and Sparta. You’ll have the option of adding additional items to your windows like custodial-type locks, ways of limiting opening capacity, collapsible cranks, and the ability to have insulated laminate windows. 


Are You in Need of Expert Impact Window Installation?


When it comes to picking out the perfect window for your new home or remodel, you’ll have a wide variety to choose from. If you’re looking for a timeless and sleek design with enhanced functionality on rainy or windy days, a project-out awning impact window installation is an excellent decision for you and your family. 


At Florida Engineered Glass, we take pride in satisfying our customers by helping them complete their projects correctly. Our team of professionals will stay dedicated to your needs from the moment you call us to the moment we finish the installation of your new impact awning windows. Contact us today if you’re in the Miami area and are ready to get started on your project.