Hurricane Windows near Miami
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Read Why You Will Need Hurricane Windows This Year

Hurricanes are a real threat to the residents of Miami. Every year the high tropical storm activity in the city wreaks havoc costing lives and leaving many without a roof to sleep under. In many ways, the inevitable rate of exposure is a side effect that comes with living in an Atlantic coastal city. Of course, there are other contributing factors, like development planning. With the 2020 hurricane season almost ready to fall upon us, there are a few things you can modify at home to safeguard it. The best thing to start with is proofing the access with impact-resistant material, such as hurricane windows. Florida Engineered Glass Corp. is the specialized company in the area that can advise you and provide a top-quality impact protection service. Are you not convinced yet? Learn why, this year, relying on an impact window installation is the best way to secure your home and family! 


Why You Will Need Hurricane Resistant Windows this Year?

The forecasts are referring to the 2020’s Atlantic hurricane season as more active than usual. The data shared by weather experts from the Colorado State University Tropical Meteorology Project is highlighting these early figures:

  • 16 named storms.
  • Eight hurricanes.
  • Four major hurricanes.


According to the estimations, this tropical storm activity is above the 30-year average, which registers 12 named storms, six hurricanes, and three major hurricanes.


This year’s busy forecast, it’s the main reason you will need to seriously treat the protection of your property with impact-resistant windows as a priority.


The stability that impact windows offer to stand up against major tropical storms is critical to avoid glass shattering and the intrusion of high-speed winds and rain inside your property. These three phenomenons are structurally harmful and endanger the living hood of the persons staying in during the storm. 


The Atlantic hurricane season is ready to kick in on June 1st, running until November. However, it can occasionally collide with months outside the period. 


Don’t spare time to protect your family and property! Call Florida Engineered Glass Corp. and secure an impact window installation service before the Atlantic hurricane season starts.


Buy Hurricane Windows

In Miami, turn to Florida Engineered Glass Corp. to buy the impact windows that will safeguard your property during severe tropical storms. The 3rd generation company specializes in commercial and residential impact windows and impact doors that cater to different styles. Ask about the unique financing options! You won’t find them anywhere! 


If you’re naturally concerned about the safety of the installation services, you should relax! The technicians wear masks, use shoe cover protectors, and engage in hand sanitation throughout the process. 


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Forecasts are saying this year’s hurricane season will be more active than usual. Keep your family and property protected with hurricane windows. Contact Florida Engineered Glass Corp., the real experts in impact-resistant windows in the Miami area. The company has many options available and takes care of the impact window installation. Stay safe and pick the design you like better!