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Hurricane Windows And Hurricane Shutters – Know The Difference

Are you thinking about purchasing hurricane shutters for your hurricane windows? Don’t do it! Here at Florida Engineered Glass Corp., we tell you the difference between hurricane shutters and windows so you can have a better understanding if they are worth it or not. In short, the windows are definitely worth it, but the shutters are not always helpful. Miami residents understand how brutal hurricane season can be for homeowners. They have to worry about everything from keeping loved ones and themselves safe to making sure their home is secure enough for harsh winds. Our impact windows have kept homeowners safe for years because they are designed to stand firm against the harshest of winds. However, hurricane shutters do not work in the same way. We supply hurricane windows and doors, Miami residents can’t live without, so you can rest assured that the information we provide is accurate. 


Hurricane Windows Versus Shutters

You’re probably curious about what the difference is between hurricane shutters and windows. In terms of our impact windows, we highly recommend installing them to protect your home from hurricanes. Our windows come in any style you can imagine, and they open and close normally. However, they provide added protection to your home like you could not believe. They are designed to resist strong winds acting as a shield to your home and family. In addition, they rarely crack and keep out any potential robbers who try to break in. In terms of hurricane shutters, they do not make much of a difference in your home in regards to protection. You will still have to run around and cover all of the windows, you cannot see outside your windows if they are covering them, and they take up storage space if you don’t want them covering your windows all the time. We have hurricane windows and doors Miami locals love, so there is no need to purchase hurricane shutters as well. You will be fully protected as is. 


Don’t Buy More Than You Need To 

We understand how tempting it is to purchase anything that claims to be hurricane-proof. Just because we provide hurricane windows and doors Miami residents cannot live without does not mean that everything else on the market is fair game. Windows are an essential part of your home because they act as part of your wall. Therefore, having windows that are meant to resist strong winds is a must for hurricane season. Shutters cannot provide this level of resistance because they are inside. 


We Are Reliable 

Your protection is our top priority, which is why we offer the information that we do. We don’t want you to spend more money than you have to, to protect yourself and your family during hurricane season. Our impact windows are strong enough to handle any hurricane, so don’t worry about the shutters unless you truly want them. 


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Florida Engineered Glass Corp. are professionals who want you to know the difference between hurricane windows and hurricane shutters. While our windows provide protection, the shutters do not exactly hold up in the same way. We don’t want you purchasing more than you need, so make sure to take our information seriously. Call or visit us today in Miami for more information.