Hurricane Windows Installation in Miami
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Make Sure Your Hurricane Windows & This Are Ready For This Season

With hurricane season approaching, Miami residents are scrambling to prepare their families and homes for the strong winds to hit. Here at Florida Engineered Glass Corp., we want to make sure that you are as prepared as possible for hurricane season this year. Other than Hurricane Windows, there is something else that we urge all homeowners to get before hurricane season. Insurance. While many people have regular homeowner’s insurance, which covers a vast amount, it’s important that you have insurance that specifically covers hurricane damage. Unfortunately, there is not an insurance plan that is specifically for hurricanes. However, there are many extra packages that will cover a lot of damage done by hurricanes, so you do not have to pay for extremely expensive repairs every year. We understand the importance of preparing for hurricane season both financially and with window installation Miami residents swear by. That is why we are offering our professional advice to you. 


Hurricane Windows And Insurance Plans

Other than impact windows, you are probably wondering what types of insurance plans we recommend other than regular homeowner’s insurance. Even though we offer window installation Miami locals love, we also offer top-notch insurance advice so you are not throwing away money for repairs every year. One type of insurance to strongly consider is flood insurance. Many homeowners in Florida face extreme floods due to rain, wind, and seawater. These floods can cause a lot of water damage to your home that will be covered with flood insurance. It’s important to keep in mind that flood insurance does not cover anything exterior such as pools. Another type is insurance for shattered windows. Many regular homeowner’s insurance plans already cover this, but it’s important to double-check during hurricane season so you don’t have to pay extra. Another type of insurance that’s usually covered by regular homeowner’s insurance is damage to any valuables such as money, cards, or identifications. However, make sure that this is on your plan before hurricane season approaches.


More Insurance Information

Even though you might have a general idea of what types of insurance you should have before hurricane season begins, we want you to know the specifics. Here are some of the specific insurances and tips you should know about: 

  • Homeowner’s insurance.
  • Flood insurance.
  • Windstorm insurance.
  • Car insurance.
  • Cover your pool if you have one.
  • Gather anything valuable before a hurricane hits.
  • Consider purchasing window installation Miami residents can’t live without.


Have Everything Covered

Since hurricanes occur so frequently in Florida, we want you to be as prepared as possible. Other than impact windows, we recommend preparing with insurance plans that cover damage done by hurricanes. Don’t hope that you don’t have to pay for repairs every season when you can have them already covered with phenomenal insurance plans. We want you to have everything covered so you can feel less stressed this season.


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Florida Engineered Glass Corp. are professionals who want you to feel fully prepared this hurricane season. We have witnessed too many homeowners install Hurricane Windows thinking that this is all they need to prepare. While we recommend these windows, we also recommend purchasing beneficial insurance plans that cover hurricane damage. Call or visit us today in Miami for more information.