Hurricane Windows in Miami
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Do Hurricane Windows Stand Up Against A Tornado?

Florida is a coastal state that is known for recurrent tropical storms, strong winds, and hurricanes. When it isn’t hurricane season it’s all sunshine and rainbows (literally), but even when it’s not officially declared hurricane season, a recent surge in the number of tornadoes proves otherwise. Many houses get damaged with high winds, rain, and flying debris just as if it was a named hurricane. Mother nature doesn’t run on a schedule, and dangerous storms don’t take a part of the year off, so you, your home, and your family have to make sure that you are protected every  single day of the year. There are several ways in which you can protect your home from being damaged by a tornado, many of which are similar to hurricane protection. It’s important to make sure that your hurricane windows are able to stand up to severe tornadoes. Call Florida Engineered Glass Corp. today for your Miami impact window installation needs!


Ways To Protect Your Home From Tornadoes


There are certain precautions that every Florida homeowner should take in order to protect their home from the frequent tropical storms and high winds that hit the state. Here are some of the most important ways to keep in mind:

  • Secure Entry Doors- Your doors are some of the most vulnerable parts of your house, which means that they are extremely likely to pull off the hinges and create open space for wind, rain, and debris to come into your home if they’re too weak. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, you should make sure that your entry doors have a two-inch deadbolt lock and three hinges, with screws that are long enough to secure the door and frame to the wall framing. 
  • Fortify Your Garage Door- Another vulnerable area of your home to watch out for is the garage door. The National Storm Shelter Association labeled garage doors the weakest link in a home. The house can quickly be completely destroyed once the garage door is blown in. The house becomes pressurized by high-speed winds and blows the roof off. In order to prevent this from happening to your home, make sure to put in a vertical bracing system made of sturdy aluminum that serves as a rigid backbone.  This will anchor into the wall above the door, into the floor,and into each hinge, which prevents the door from blowing in or suctioning out. If your garage door is so old and flimsy that this is unable to protect you, you need to invest in a hurricane-proof garage door.


Hurricane Windows Are Essential For Storms

  • Florida Engineered Glass Corp., who provides top impact window installation, note that one of the key factors to protecting your home during a storm is to install impact-resistant windows. Impact-resistant windows are designed to withstand impact from debris at high speed, no matter if it’s from a hurricane, tornado, or even a burglar. If you aren’t thinking about installing hurricane windows at this point, you can also install shutters to protect your current windows. No matter if you’re defending against a hurricane or a tornado, impact resistant windows and doors can stand up to it all. They are not only great for standing up to storms, but are aesthetically pleasing and can help save your property from robbers.


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Hurricane windows can make all the difference during severe weather conditions. For your Miami impact window installation needs, call Florida Engineered Glass Corp. today.