Hurricane Windows at Miami
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Hurricane Categories and Their Impact On Your Hurricane Windows

The search for your hurricane windows and impact front doors is finally over! Florida Engineered Glass provides your home with year-round protection. Our windows have PVB interlayer between two layers of glass, making it more sturdy against any category hurricane that comes your way, expected or not. Our impact hurricane windows do not need the extra storm panels that can take up precious time when preparing for the storms. So leave the protection of your home’s windows to the professionals at Florida Engineered Glass Corp, located in Miami, Florida. 


 Our Hurricane Windows Can Handle The Pressure


There are five (5) category types of hurricanes and they are listed below.

  • Category 1: wind speeds of 75-95mph. Buildings may have damage. Category 1 hurricanes are common in the U.S.
  • Category 2: wind speeds of 95-110mph. Buildings may see severe roof and siding damage, and trees may uproot. Category 2 hurricanes are also common in the U.S.
  • Category 3: wind speeds of 111-129mph. Almost all mobile homes could be severely damaged, and solid build homes and buildings will have major damages.
  • Category 4: wind speeds of 130-156mhp. Most of the mobile homes will be destroyed, and buildings will see room and taller floor damages.
  • Category 5: wind speeds of 157mph or higher. Flying debris can harm or even kill people indoors as well as outdoors. Most all windows in tall buildings will be busted or blown out. 

Our windows, however, are created from high-grade aluminum frames, and with the thick double layers of glass, it allows protection from incoming flying debris. However, that’s not all it can do. The windows all make it harder for burglars to have access to your home. They are, therefore, keeping you and your family safe! So let us handle the hard work, let our windows protect you, and you sit back with a view and a clear mind!


Be Confident And Comfortable in Choosing Us For Your Needs


Here at FEG, we have five choices of main windows to choose from which include:

  • Project Out Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Fixed Picture Windows 
  • Horizontal Sliding Windows 
  • Single Hung Windows

We believe everyone deserves the most safety for their homes, so our team can also assist you with financing to help find a project within your budget. The financing is for both window and door projects, so you can be safely protected without breaking the bank!


Our Impact Front Doors


We are very serious about the safety of your home, which is why all our impact front doors are thoroughly and heavily tested. We can confidently leave your family with only the best protection against any unwanted visitors, such as hurricanes and other severe types of weather. Our doors are built with heavy frames, but still allow the home style you want. These doors are ones that look as welcoming as any, but protects you better. 


Contact Us!

Contact us today for the best local impact doors and hurricane windows in Miami! We are honored and proud to please our customers. We’ll keep you and your home safe through it all.