Hurricane Windows and Doors in Miami
Written by mycitysocial

Do You Have The Hurricane Windows And Doors Miami Needs For Protection?

Year after year hurricane season leaves Floridians with flooded homes, water damage, and broken windows. In the worst circumstances, hurricanes have destroyed  homes or businesses. Many Miami residents are out of town during the hot summer months. These residents must be equipped with the proper hurricane protection so that upon returning, their homes are still intact. With Florida being a hot zone for storm activity and coastal damage, it is crucial that home and business owners have the hurricane windows and doors Miami feels safe with. At Florida Engineered Glass Corp, we offer impact front doors and windows that will protect your belongings and keep you safe. 

What Makes Impact Windows Safer?

Impact windows are essential for a Miami resident. Their high wind and storm-resistant technologies ensure they won’t shatter on impact. Aluminum framing protects against interior water damage. No matter the category in the event of a natural disaster, you can rest assured knowing you have hurricane windows and doors Miami residents use to protect against storm damage. Impact windows cut hurricane preparation time in half. In the event of an evacuation, don’t spend extra time boarding up your windows; you won’t have to tend to them at all. Instead, your time can be utilized to prepare your family for the unknown.

I Never Realized Impact Front Doors We’re Necessary

Not many people do. While you may think an impact door looks like something out of an apocalyptic bunker scene, in reality, they look just like normal doors! Hurricanes can break, dent, and cause water damage to front doors. An impact door is resistant to damage caused by flying debris and unwanted water entry. Ensuring that even after being hit by several damage-causing items, your front door will be in the same welcoming condition as you left it.

Our Designers Keep Your Taste In Mind, See For Yourself!

We work with top designers to create hurricane windows and doors Miami residents want in their home. Our styles range from traditional to modern for all types of home aesthetics. We customize products to fit your needs. Want a floor to ceiling impact window? No problem! Maybe you’ve always dreamed of impact front doors that pivot open? We’ll customize it for you. No matter what style you’re looking for, we have it. And no matter what, our products offer security against natural disasters. Your safety is our priority, and we’ll ensure our customers are satisfied. 

To start your project quote with us today, click here. Florida Engineered Glass Corp is devoted to providing a safe environment for Miami residents. Choosing us to install your impact windows and doors will be the best decision you make this hurricane season.