hurricane vs impact windows in Miami
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What Is The Difference Between Hurricane & Impact Windows?

Have you heard of hurricane windows and impact windows? Here in Miami, we are prepared to endure a potential hurricane every year, but many homeowners and business owners will just flimsy forms of protection like plywood shutters to protect their spaces, but these aren’t effective. At Florida Engineered Glass Corp., what we offer our clients instead is reinforced glass for windows and doors that can stand against hurricane force winds. Which kind of glass is which, and what are the differences regarding hurricane vs impact windows? Let us explain in more detail.


Why Install an Impact Window Miami Locals Trust?

When it comes to security and safety, tactics like taping windows and using plywood shutters won’t cut it. These methods won’t hold up against 100 mph winds or higher, and they may even be more dangerous. Both hurricane windows and impact windows are designed to stand against pressure and stay together rather than shatter and let loose flying, broken glass. This makes them infinitely more safe, and even if either do break, they’ll merely crack while standing in place. This will mean wind, rain, and debris won’t suddenly flood your home, and you’ll stay protected inside. Homeowners can stay safe and protect their families while business owners can protect their merchandise from destruction.


Hurricane vs Impact Windows

Let’s break down the difference between hurricane and impact windows. Impact windows are what’s used for car windshields. A shatter-resistant film is applied to the glass to prevent it from completely breaking. This would otherwise send glass fragments flying (which could injure someone) and leave a gaping hole in the space. Instead, the glass may crack if enough pressure is applied, but the glass won’t fly off or leave a gaping hole behind. An impact window Miami residents trust is one that will keep them safe from flying glass shards.


Hurricane windows, on the other hand, are actually comprised of several layers. Some of these are glass and others are PVB plastic. The plastic layers in between the glass layers work like a glue that holds the glass together, preventing it from shattering, and also function as a stronger layer of protection. During a hurricane, debris can get launched at lethal speeds, but the plastic layers will not break when struck by them. Instead, the outer layer of glass may develop a spider crack, but the door or window won’t budge.


Contact Us for an Impact Window Miami Homeowners can Rely On

Are you ready to upgrade your home or business with an impact glass windows and doors? Are you located in Miami? If you answered yes to these, then look no further than our window and door company: Florida Engineered Glass Corp. We will work with you to ensure your home is protected from storms while achieving the look and feel you want for your home. Don’t trust tape or plywood shutters during a storm because they are not effective at protecting you and your home. Contact us today for more information on hurricane vs impact windows.