hurricane rated front doors in Miami
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The Benefits of Impact Doors Form Florida Engineered Glass

Have you heard of impact front doors before? Impact glass is actually two sheets of glass with a protective sheet of PVB plastic between them. If something hits the glass, the glass may develop a web of spider cracks, but the glass will hold up. There are a number of benefits to installing impact glass doors in your home, such as them becoming hurricane rated front doors. Yes, impact glass doors are even built to stand against hurricane-force winds. In places like Miami, FL, this kind of protection is invaluable, but there are even more things to benefit from. At Florida Engineered Glass Corp., we have all the knowledge we want to share with you about how impact glass doors can help keep you and your family, safe, happy, and comfortable.


6 Different Benefits of Impact Front Doors

Let’s break down 6 different ways you could benefit from having impact glass doors installed in your home:

  • Hurricane and Burglar Protection
    • Impact glass is built to withstand hurricane-force winds as well as to stand up against loose debris that could come flying at your home. Instead of breaking through the glass, objects will be stopped by the protective layer of PVB plasting within the glass. This also means it’s far more difficult for a home invader to break in. Combined with a strong security system, you might just prevent a potential robbery.
  • UV Ray Protection
    • Impact glass doesn’t just protect you from debris and invaders, but also the sun too. Because impact glass has several layers, it’s thicker and thus harder for UV rays to penetrate. This can help to keep your home cooler in the hot Florida weather!
  • Outdoor Noise Reduction
    • The added thickness of impact glass also has the added benefit of keeping loud noise out more effectively than normal glass. This can be especially nice if you live near a busy road, playground, or just have loud neighbors.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
    • Impact glass has fantastic insolation which helps keep your AC during most of the year as well as the heat in Florida’s 3 weeks of winter. Studies have shown that impact glass can help homeowners reduce their annual energy consumption by as much as 40%. This is a great way to save extra money, and be a little more green as well.
  • Lowered Insurance Premiums
    • Insurance companies love to hear that your home has impact glass doors. Why? Because it the added protection against storms means less risk for them to have to replace your doors if a hurricane hits. This also means you can benefit from lower premiums on your homeowners insurance.
  • Increases the Value of Your Home
    • If you’re interested in raising the value of your home, than impact glass doors are a great investment. The added protection is a great selling point for potential buyers, and impact glass doors also have the added benefit of looking beautiful too.


Contact Us for Hurricane Rated Front Doors

If you live in Florida, hurricane protection is essential so that you can keep yourself and your family safe if a storm heads your way. At Florida Engineered Glass Corp., our team can help set you up with high-quality impact front doors. Don’t wait for the weather to catch up, contact us to get your hurricane rated front doors in Miami, FL today.