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Avoid These Mistakes With Your Hurricane Windows

Hurricane season is here. Right now. How are your windows going to hold up?  The glass you choose for your windows and doors is important. It matters for many more reasons than just hurricane protection, but let’s first consider the safety from storms that impact glass in your windows and doors will provide. And while we do that, keep in mind that Florida Engineered Glass, a third-generation glass company, has the largest selection of special reinforced glass in all of Miami-Dade County. Hurricane proof windows will likely replace the need for a hurricane shelter and still keep your family safe all season long.


Mistakes To Avoid

The biggest mistake is choosing glass based on price. Instead choose glass that will actually withstand winds that reach approximately 110 miles per hour. What does it matter that you paid less for window and door glass than your neighbor when his holds up to hurricane-force winds and yours doesn’t? It’s much less expensive to buy your windows and door glass just once than to keep purchasing cheap glass multiple times. The money you save on reduced storm damage is well worth some initial expense.


Another common mistake is incorrect installation, whether it seems like a good DIY project or you hear of a guy who can do it for next to nothing. Make sure your contractor is not only qualified, but licensed and insured. You’ve made the decision to protect your home and family with the best glass available; now make sure it’s installed by the expert here at Florida Engineered Glass Corp. With high quality impact windows and doors Miami homeowners can rest assured they are avoiding mistakes that they would pay for in the long run.


Additional Benefits Of Impact Glass In Hurricane Proof Windows And Doors

Another safety benefit is intruder protection. If someone is trying to break a window or door glass to get into your home, impact glass is going to be a big deterrent. It’s just going to take too much time and effort to get into your home. That kind of effort is going to call attention to itself, and it’s highly unlikely that anyone is going to take the risk.


In addition to deterring intruders with impact windows and doors Miami residents who choose these windows and doors will notice the noise cancellation they provide, making your home more like the calm oasis you would like it to be. Hurricane proof windows, which are built with impact glass will also lower your power bill.


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Avoid any unnecessary mistakes and prepare your home for this upcoming hurricane season by ordering our hurricane proof windows and doors. With our impact windows and doors Miami homeowners can rest easy knowing their home is protected. Contact us today to set up an appointment!