Hurricane Proof Front Doors in Miami
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Which Doors Of My House Needs Hurricane Proof Front Doors?

If you live in Miami, then you understand the dangers posed by hurricanes and tropical storms. When you’re preparing for a natural disaster, every minute counts. Precautionary actions like putting up storm panels can take away from your time to do other vitally necessary things! One way to save time and ensure your home safety is to get impact resistant doors and windows. These doors and windows feature a very dense, enforced material that is highly resistant to storm damage. We at Florida Engineered Glass believe we offer the best hurricane proof front doors, with top-quality engineering and installation. To see what services we offer, visit our website today!


Hurricane Proof Front Doors And Why You Need Them

If you live in Miami-Dade county, then you are vulnerable to storm damage every year, at the very least. Because of this, Miami-Dade County has a stringent building code, one that lists in great detail the sort of construction requirements the area has. To be up to code, you need the right hurricane proof doors for your home. Our doors are made with a heavy aluminum frame, making it highly resistant to storm damage and dents. It provides the additional benefit of being hard to break in through, as well. Because of this, our doors can guarantee your home safety from both storms and unwanted guests!


The Best Quality Impact Window Miami Has Seen

While having doors resistant to hurricanes is very helpful, a lot of damage in a hurricane can come from your windows. If you have to evacuate, you don’t want to come home to find shattered glass everywhere, from projectiles flying in the wind. That’s where our particular brand of engineered glass comes in. Being natives to Florida, we know that top-quality glass is a necessity for your home, so we provide the high quality of impact window Miami residents need. Our impact windows are made with a high-grade aluminum framing. In addition, they feature a PVB interlayer that is sealed between two glass layers. This reinforces the window, making it difficult for storms to break or for burglars to break into! Just like our doors, these windows provide home security from multiple dangers. 


Our Installation

These doors and windows are high-grade equipment and require professional installation. It could be that, when these are being installed, it will have to go around wiring, building structures, and more. This goes beyond the expertise of the usual handyman. That’s why you need expert installation, and our team at Florida Engineered Glass has just the expertise you need. We know how to install your door/window without any threat to your home’s structure, so you can trust us to get the job done!


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Our company feels a strong call to help protect our community with the best hurricane proof front doors and impact windows Miami can provide. Our special engineered products, particularly our glasswork, set us above the competition and make us the best suited to handle your needs. To get your installment, call (305) 638-1566, or visit our website today. We look forward to hearing from you!