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5 Myths About Hurricane Readiness That You Should Not Follow

Hurricane season will be here before you know it. And we see a lot of hurricanes here in Miami. Though many Floridians joke about loving the time off work and hurricane parties, it is a threat we should all take seriously. There are plenty of good hurricane preparedness tips to follow. Stock up on water. Create an evacuation route. But there are also some not so good tips. We at Florida Engineered Glass always want you to feel safe, so we’ve outlined some of the worst tips to follow.

What Can I Do Instead?

One thing you can do to prepare for a storm is install impact front doors! As Florida natives, we know just how crazy winds can get during a bad storm, that’s why we’ve created doors that can withstand most severe weather.

The Hurricane Preparedness Tips Not To Follow

1) DON’T Tape Up Your Windows

Spoiler alert: this doesn’t stop them from shattering. In fact, taping up your windows can actually make things worse: instead of simply collapsing into thousands of tiny pieces, taped up windows will instead break into larger, even more dangerous pieces. So don’t do that.

2) DON’T Only Board Up Windows By The Water

Hurricanes rotate. This means the wind is blowing in all different directions and carrying things like rocks and debris in all different directions. Any of these could shatter any window. In case of a hurricane, you need to protect your entire home. Now is not the time for short cuts.

3) DON’T Try To Stabilize The Pressure Inside By Cracking Open The Windows

This is not a thing. If you open your windows, even just a crack, you’re just going to be letting those violent, whipping winds inside. Besides, by the time the pressure of the storm becomes an issue, the winds would’ve blown your windows in anyway. Make sure you have somewhere window-free to take shelter if you have not evacuated.

4) Please, DON’T Lean Against A Door That’s Being Blown In

Trust us; if the wind is strong enough to blow in the door, it’ll have no qualms about blowing you in too. Leaning against will not save anything. Personally, we’d recommend installing impact front doors that will resist the wind and pressure for you, protecting both your family and your doorway.

5) DON’T Think You’re Out Of The Water Just Because You’re Not By The Water

Many think that because they don’t live by the coast, they’re perfectly safe from a hurricane. This is not so. Hurricanes can actually travel pretty far inland, so make sure you pay attention to evacuation warnings and stock up on supplies, just in case. Plus, all that extra water has to go somewhere, which leads to flooding of rivers and streams inland, which could affect you.

Contact Us For Impact Front Doors

Florida Engineered Glass is proud to offer a wide selection of products and services that help our very own fellow Miami natives protect themselves against the ferocity of Florida hurricanes. Now that you know what not to do, make sure you also check out some hurricane preparedness tips that do work. Ready to install your own hurricane resistant doors? Call us today!