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Written by Florida Engineered Glass Corp.

Why Impact Windows and Doors Are A Necessity

You live in Florida. Because of that, you, your family, and your home is always at risk for a big storm hitting every summer. Living in South Florida the last few years proves that. It seemed almost every rear recently there has been a storm that has made landfall. This is precisely why hurricane preparation is vital. Here at Florida Engineered Glass Corp, we are here to let you know what to use in order to keep you safe. Our answer? Impact windows and doors Miami!


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As a homeowner, you need to make sure that you take all precautionary measures to keep your property safe. There is a cost-effective and long-term technique where you are able to save yourself from the hassle of repairing windows and risking damaged property. This is when the installation of impact windows and doors comes into play. When you make the wise decision to incorporate these into your home, there is a long list of advantages that come with them. Your home needs impact windows and doors Miami.


The Benefits of Hurricane Preparation

  • Hurricane and Storm Protection: Let us begin with the most obvious benefit. You are safe and protected from a storm. These windows and doors are extremely strong and can withstand major weather including heavy rain and powerful winds. When you are providing a protective shield against a hurricane and storm damage, these windows and doors can cut down the price of regular repairs and will help save your home from extensive damage that can come from flying debris.


  • Corrosion-resistant: Even though the winds are the most important aspect you will face in South Florida, people who live in damp or semi-arid zones can face another challenge. They are vulnerable to salty and humid hair. This affects your air conditioning systems, and also can corrode your doors and windows. With the installation of impact protection, a home is safe from wearing away.


  • Heat and Noise Reduction: We are all aware how busy Miami can get during the summer months. There are tourist everywhere. Because of this there noise and heat can get unbearable. With these specially designed windows and doors, your home is safe from strong heat waves and loud noises. Think of it as another barrier that is difficult for waves to move through. You will be able to enjoy some peace and quiet.


  • UV Protection: UV light is an extremely dangerous source that can cause many skin-related issues, such as skin cancer. But that is not all. Their harmful rays can also cause damage to the furniture in your home, artwork, and other household items. Because the design of impact windows, they are equipped with Low E Glass Coating, window tinting, and double glazing which increased the energy efficiency and reduces the damaging effects of UV light.


  • Increased Security: Another benefit of installing hurricane windows and doors is the increased security and protection from burglars and intruders. Homeowners will have a peace of mind knowing they are more thoroughly protected by having these protective systems in place.


  • Insurance Discounts: Impact windows are some of the most significant windstorm protection systems, which have been recognized by a number of different insurance agencies. Because of this, insurance firms may offer a deduction or discount on insurance premiums. Many homeowners with impact windows also qualify for a wind mitigation insurance rebate.


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When it comes to hurricane preparation, your home needs impact windows and doors Miami. Here at Florida Engineered Glass Corp., we are here to ensure that you get the exact protection you need. Call or contact us today for more information.