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Learn About These Hidden Benefits To Hurricane Impact Windows

Living in the state of Florida means, at some point or another, you have lived through a hurricane. Although the month of August is the peak for hurricane season, here in Miami, tropical storms and high winds are possible at any time of the year. An impact window installation not only protects your home from a storm, but it also provides many other unforeseen benefits to your home. The window experts at Florida Engineered Glass are here to share with you some of these benefits – you may be surprised at just how valuable hurricane impact windows are!


Hurricane Impact Windows Are Your Best Defense Against High Winds


You’ve seen the photos. You know, the ones taken immediately after a hurricane rips through a neighborhood and lobs a tree through a window as if it were a javelin. Seeing the photos alone is traumatic – imagine the horror of having lived through such disruption to your home? Besides the trauma, damaged windows cost you time and money, and more than the price of a window replacement. Rainwater can seep into your house through the broken glass and wreak water damage to your floors or belongings. In a hurricane-prone state like ours, sturdy windows are essential to a homeowner’s peace of mind. Only a hurricane-grade window can defend your home from the sheer force of a hurricane gale – and the objects it may hurl.


A Financial Investment That Pays For Itself


Before you balk at the price tag for an impact window installation, keep in mind that you’re investing in the value of your home. Once your insurance company gets wind of your upgrade, they will likely reduce the cost of your insurance plan. Because your new windows will be preventing your house from incurring costly damage, your insurance company will want to reward you with a discount – and not just once, but year after year. These dividends add up over time, and before you know it, your windows will have paid for themselves in insurance breaks. Similarly, your home’s value will increase as a result of these new windows. So not only will you be reducing the cost of your home insurance, you’ll be ramping up the resale price of your house.


Energy Efficiency And Sound Security


Other less obvious perks to your hurricane windows include the soundproofing such thick glass provides. With a tinted window, you can also expect reduced UV damage to your carpets, paintings, and other light-sensitive belongings. A stronger window is a more secure window; whether the unwanted penetrant is a broken tree branch or a breaking-in burglar, your hurricane window is designed to keep intruders out. 


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Don’t let hurricane season sneak up on you unprepared. Spare yourself the trauma and expense of wind damage by installing our hurricane impact windows. It’s money well-spent; as long as there are hurricanes passing through Miami, you’ll be glad you invested in windows that can stand up to high-impact winds. Call Florida Engineered Glass for more information on our windows or to schedule an impact window installation. Call us today!