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Hurricane Impact Windows In Miami Are The Wisest Choice For Hurricane Protection

While Miami is home to numerous tourist attractions, it’s a hurricane-prone region. Over time, the Magic City has been hit by 31 hurricanes. You never can tell when the next storm will come, hence the need to prepare. Hurricane impact windows offer the best protection against tropical storms and hurricanes. At Florida Engineered Glass Corp., we specialize in the manufacture and installation of sliding glass doors, curtain walls, glass partitions, and the best hurricane windows and doors Miami offers.


Why Are Hurricane Impact Windows A Better Option?

Below are reasons to opt for impact windows to secure your home against hurricanes.

  • They don’t require constant maintenance: Unlike regular windows, you’ll need to remove the panes and frames before installing impact windows. Why? Impact windows come with sturdy frames which can withstand strong winds and storms. With these windows, you don’t have to worry about replacement, unlike the shutters and regular ones, which require frequent maintenance. Once installed, you’re guaranteed continuous protection.


  • Impact windows limit noise: Are you living in a noisy area? These windows will be ideal for installing in your residential homes since they reduce exterior noise from penetrating the home. Due to the thick texture, laminated glass, and strong frame, impact windows keep noise out and prevent air penetration.


  • These windows shield homes: Besides acting as a defense against hurricanes, impact windows safeguard your home and properties. Due to the layered glass, impact windows provide improved security, so burglars can’t easily break in and steal your valuables. Want to shield your residence from harmful elements? Florida Engineered Glass Corp. has hurricane windows and doors Miami locals swear by.


Other Merits Of Installing Impact Windows


  • They reduce energy bills: Installing impact windows in your home will help reduce utility bills while saving costs. Compared to regular windows, these windows are highly insulated with tight fittings. During the summer, they lower the penetration of the sun into the home and help absorb heat in the winter season.


  • Impact windows decrease UV rays: They act as a protective barrier against ultraviolet radiation. These UV rays have a damaging effect on furniture, artwork, and other properties; hence, installing impact windows will prevent the transmission of the rays into the home. 


Features To Look Out For When Choosing Impact Windows


Though these windows are a good option, it’s ideal you make the right choice. Here are features to look out for in choosing the best one.

  • Frame: Hurricane window frames are made from vinyl, wood, or aluminum. The framing supports the weight of windows, so you need to opt for a suitable one. Vinyl frames are more energy efficient than aluminum. Choose the one that meets your requirements.


  • Ratings: Each impact window has a certain rating which helps it resist pressure from elements. Some regions require windows with low ratings; thus, you need to consider that when making a purchasing decision. Look for the best hurricane windows and doors Miami offers that meet your needs.


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