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Written by Florida Engineered Glass Corp.

Do I Need Impact Doors For Hurricane Season?

Why replace something that isn’t broken? If there’s nothing wrong with your current front why bother changing it? Many Miami residents are upgrading their standard entry doors with hurricane impact front doors. Hurricanes and storms can be devasting to your home, and here in south Florida, we are often bombarded with tropical threats. The experts at Florida Engineered Glass Corp can help you find the perfect front door that will keep your beautiful home safe.


What is an Impact Door?


Impact front doors are constructed with much stronger material than an average front door. They are specifically designed to resist heavy blows from wind-borne debris. Impact doors are tested beyond Florida building codes. Imagine hurling a 9lb 2×4 building stud at the door at 35 miles per hour. An impact door won’t budge, but a standard door can’t promise it will hold up.


Benefits of Hurricane Impact Front Doors


Impact doors are created with thick, fiberglass facings with wood and composite reinforcements. They have specialized polyurethane foam cores. To top it off, they have reinforced hinges and stronger door frames. On the other hand, an average door is made with steel facings and an insulating filler, and typically their door frames are made with wood or aluminum. While this may seem safe, and it may be under normal conditions, Miami is frequently the victim of tropical storms and hurricanes that will put standard generalized construction to the test. We need doors and windows that can withstand the harshest of conditions.


That don’t mean you need to give up on visual appeal. Impact front doors will pass all Florida building codes while maintaining curb appeal. They come in a variety of styles and colors. Installing decorative glass may seem unthinkable when thinking of impact doors, but that’s not the case.  Florida Engineered Glass Corp can install decorative glass on impact rated doors as well. It is made of specialized glass that will withstand the toughest circumstances.  


Consider the consequences of trusting a standard front door during a hurricane. Whether it’s through blowing the door open or debris smashing its way through,  once an opening has been made in your house, the hurricane rain, winds, and debris could completely destroy your home and walls. Impact doors will shut soundly and won’t yield to the wind.  


Beyond the threat of storms, impact doors are known to provide safety from home intruders. The most common way an intruder enters your home is right through the front door. Criminals will attempt to break the door or handle to access the home easily. A standard construction front door may give under the persistence and force of a criminal, but impact doors prevent against this type of unwanted entry.  


Additionally, insurance companies will provide discounts or other incentives to customers who install equipment that mitigates windstorm damage. Impact front doors could save you money on your homeowner’s insurance.


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