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Popular Misconceptions Regarding Impact Windows

If hurricane-prone Florida, having protection for the windows and doors of your home is essential in the event of a heavy storm. Galvanized steel shutters are a great way to keep the glass around your home protected, but not all homes are built with these in mind. Also, the process of putting up shutters is time consuming and labor intensive, which not all Floridian homeowners may be able to do. Some believe duct taping your windows can work as well, but this can actually become more dangerous. If a taped window breaks, the flying glass is now stuck together as a large mass hurling across the room. Luckily there’s another option that requires less work and is much safer: impact windows, also known as hurricane glass windows. At Florida Engineered Glass Corp., we can provide homeowners with impact window Miami services to help protect them without the added labor or risky taping. If you’ve heard of impact windows before, you might have some preconceived notions about them, but we can dispel any myths you might’ve heard.


The Four Myths About Impact Windows

First, let’s take a second to examine what an impact window is, as it’s actually quite simple. Impact windows consist of three layers: two sheets of glass with a sheet of PVB plastic in-between them. What this means is that if a loose branch or rock flies at your window at high speeds, the debris will collide with the hard plastic layer. This helps to prevent the debris from flying through your home as well as large glass shards, and it also helps keep the inside of your home dry and protected from the elements. Now that you understand what impact windows are, let’s debunk some myths:

  • They are pricey
    • Contrary to what some might say, impact windows are actually less expensive than some other forms of hurricane protection, especially if you are someone without the endurance to set up and take down manual shutters. In comparison to ordinary windows, impact windows can potentially save you a lot of money in the event of a storm, and they can lower your homeowners insurance bills.
  • They’re just for style
    • The first and foremost purpose of impact windows is to protect your home. They can withstand winds of up to 200 miles per hour, and if any debris does collide with them, it will have a very difficult time breaking through the sheet of PVB. Any added style of the windows are an added benefit, not the stand-alone factor.
  • All impact windows are the same as DP50 windows
    • There are such things as high-quality windows with design pressure rating of DP50 that are designed for high-speed winds. While this may sound like impact windows, they aren’t the same. Both may be capable of handling intense winds, but DP50 windows will not hold up to flying debris.
  • They can’t guarantee protection
    • Impact windows are tested on their ability to stand against heavy winds and impact from flying debris. They are designed to keep you safe in your home under the pressure of tropical storms and hurricanes. In contrast to shutters, many people will rely on plywood which will actually break sooner than impact windows. Steel shutters can be very safe, but not everyone has the strength and endurance to shutter their entire house, especially if they have a second or third floor. Electronic roll-down shutters are an option but are also significantly more expensive. Regardless of shutters though, that doesn’t change the fact that impact windows are designed specifically for protection.


Impact Window Miami: Contact Us for Hurricane Glass Windows

If you live in Florida, hurricane protection is a must so that you and your family stay safe in the event of a storm. At Florida Engineered Glass Corp., our team can help set you up with high-quality hurricane glass windows. Don’t wait for the weather to catch up, contact us to get your impact window Miami service today.