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Don’t Be Stuck Without Hurricane Glass

Hurricanes are one of the most destructive natural disasters experienced in Miami. As such, residents are often advised to make their home as safe as possible if they will survive each episode and protect their properties. Building solid structures is very important, but many often overlook the type of glass their home features, which leads to trouble when hurricanes strike. 

We are here to keep you protected. At Florida Engineered Glass, we help keep your home protected when a hurricane strikes. We also design impact front doors; this is the best option for homes that want to stay protected from hurricane attacks. How does hurricane glass protect your home? Let’s explore some details in this article. 


Why Use the Hurricane Glass in your Home? 

Many often wonder if getting the glass is worth all the hype. One fundamental truth is, hurricanes can cause severe damage to lives and properties. Only when your home is built to resist the damaging result of hurricanes can you sleep with both eyes closed. Using the best glass will prevent your home from being susceptible. 


How Durable Is The Glass

Only top-quality materials are used for the design of the glass; as such, your home is secured and protected. Unlike traditional windows, which feature fragile pane glass, hurricane-resistant glasses are designed to be solid and rugged. 


How the Glass Protects Your Home

These are the ways the glass protects your home:


  • Massive strength

Unlike traditional glass, glass for hurricanes are designed with exceptional strength. As such, they can effortlessly withstand winds and projectiles that often follow hurricanes. Since they are tempered outside and strengthened with heat inside, they offer maximum protection for your home. The internal coating ensures they won’t become shattered or blow into your home. 


  • Protects against cracks and rust

Impact windows are the best option for your home as they are often designed with aluminum or vinyl frames. These materials are strong enough to resist cracking and splintering irrespective of their age. They also do not rust. As such, they remain intact and solid for protection. 


  • Improve ventilation in your home

Impact glasses do not only protect your home against hurricanes; these glasses are designed to improve ventilation in your home. They are highly energy efficient. The space between the glass is filled with argon gas or air in most cases. Thus, it delivers better insulation than traditional windows. That also helps in reducing the noise heard inside. 


  • Prevent glass shattering

Impact glass is designed to prevent glass shattering irrespective of the intensity of the hurricane. With little impact, traditional glasses shatter and fly around your home. The use of PVB or SGP technology in the designing of this glass helps it deliver unmatched protection. These technologies help contain the broken glass, rather than allowing it to shatter. It is best to also pick impact front doors that feature the same technology. 


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