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Written by Florida Engineered Glass Corp

Let’s Design Your Custom Hurricane Impact Entry Doors

You already know it very important to have your home protected from hurricanes. Living in Florida it is very common to have a home that is equipped with a hurricane entry door. You must prepare for the worst, right? You can never be too safe. However, many of the hurricane doors out there, are not the most aesthetically pleasing. They don’t really match the style of the home. At Florida Engineered Glass Corp. we offer custom impact front doors that will match the personal style of your home while adding curb appeal. You can count on us Miami.


Our Impact Front Doors Are Customizable

If you’ve found yourself looking at variations of decorative entry doors, then you should consider Florida Engineered Glass impact custom front doors. We offer the widest variety with options to personalize the product of your choice. When it comes to decorative entry doors, the opportunities are limitless, and the benefits of its impact resistant properties are mountainous. You will not be disappointed.


We have a selection of impact products that are sure to please even the most cautious and reluctant of people. Our products like our impact custom front doors are top quality. Whether single or double doors, we offer detailed, hurricane resistant custom front doors. You can even take a look at our online gallery to get a taste of the many styles we offer.


Our Hurricane Entry Door is Tailored To You

The best part about choosing your look for custom front doors is that you get to choose what it looks like. How great is that? You get the opportunity to let your creativity shine. the front entrance doors are more than just impact resistant too,  they can be as decorative and elaborate as you choose. From door window design to additional door detailing, we can meet your specific requests. Why should you have to trade good appearance for protection when we offer you both qualities in all impact-resistant custom entry doors.


We Are The Best

We produce hurricane windows and doors Miami residents rely on. Florida Engineered Glass Corp. is a 3rd generation glass company specializing in commercial, residential, and private-owned projects. We offer services such as fabrication and installation of storefronts, curtain walls, sliding glass doors, windows, impact and non-impact systems, glass partitions, aluminum and glass doors, retrofits and custom designed products for your needs.


We feature and showcase the largest selection of leading manufacturers of doors and windows in all of Miami-Dade County. Our sales staff is highly trained in the window and door market offering door and window sales, service, and installations.


Contact Our Professionals Today

Get started in creating a home that is safe and also elegant. You can do so by protecting your home with a hurricane entry door that is custom made. Florida Engineered Glass Corp wants to help you keep your Miami home safe this hurricane season. Call us to discuss upgrading your home today and ask us about our impact front doors. We are the ones to trust!