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Can High Impact Windows Withstand A Stage 5 Hurricane? Find Out

It is true that until you face the problem, you don’t look for the solution. In light of the same, people start looking and talking about the high impact windows, only when hurricane season is around the corner. Many questions start coming in the hurricane-prone states, like which kind of impact windows should be bought? Are impact windows worth buying? Out of these, can impact windows withstand a Category 5 hurricane in Miami? These stand as the most-asked questions, and often, many fail to give a straightforward answer for the same. Answering questions like this, experts of Florida Engineered Glass are trying to make people aware as much as possible. Read this write-up till the end to make an informed decision.


Importance of High Impact Windows


Unlike your regular windows, impact windows are built to provide the maximum possible protection against hurricanes and harsh weather. This means that with the impact window installation, your house will have enhanced power to protect your family. To ensure the same, these windows are tested with multiple storm simulations. This way, the windows’ strength, and quality are tested and checked whether or not they will be able to face these conditions. 


Having said this, one must know that impact-resistant windows are not impact-proof but impact-resistant. Although they stand out as the most durable and highly-engineered to withstand the force of the strongest forces of nature, they’re not completely indestructible. Furthermore, it cannot be said for certain that whether or not a specific impact-resistant window is strong enough to survive a hypothetical Category 5 hurricane.


Can Impact Windows Survive Storm?


If the impact window installation is done properly using the best quality windows, then yes, they can survive the storm. This means that these windows won’t combust because of the pressure exerted by wind and air if a Category 5 storm hits. However, during a class – 5 storm accompanied by debris, debris can make an impact-resistant window go down. But the window won’t go down without a big fight. So, in a nutshell, high protection is guaranteed. It all depends on the storm’s intensity, how heavy the debris is, and whether it hit the window directly.


Impact Windows – Epitome of Safety, How?


The safety design of impact windows is what makes them stand out as it is more than durability. Impact windows come equipped with a strong layer of flexible yet rigid plastic-like material. This layer is found in between the panes of glass. This means that even if your window is hit hard by a piece of debris just enough to break it, the shattered bits of glass will be held by this interlayer in place. And no one would get hurt.


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