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Find Out Which Inserts You Need For Your High Impact Doors

Are you having trouble deciding which inserts to install in your High Impact Doors? Here at Florida Engineered Glass Corp., we provide information regarding all of the different inserts we have for your doors. Anyone who lives in or around Miami knows that having impact doors is crucial during hurricane season. They help protect your home from high winds and damage much more effectively than regular doors. They also take away a lot of stress when a hurricane is scheduled to hit because you and your family can feel much safer overall. Despite the benefits of impact doors, it can be difficult choosing the type of insert for your door since there are so many options. You might even choose an insert at random simply because you don’t know the differences between them all. We want you to be fully aware of the different types of inserts and which ones will work best for your home. We supply hurricane windows and doors Miami locals swear by, so use the information we provide to pick out the best insert. 


Inserts For High Impact Doors

You are probably wondering about all of the different types of inserts for your impact doors and which ones are the best for your home. One type is a textured glass insert, which is patterned glass giving the appearance of both cloudy and clear. Homeowners with this insert have medium privacy through the door. Another type is called beveled glass, which is thick with angular cuts on the edges. These inserts create prisms when the sun hits them. There is also baroque glass, which looks blown due to the spiraling pattern and colors. This creates some privacy as well. There are also stained glass inserts that provide heavier privacy, and it is a nice decoration for any door. Another type is clear glass, which is rather self-explanatory. This insert is clean, simple, and allows a lot of light to come into your home. Clear glass inserts don’t provide any privacy. Caming is another insert that gets its name from metals that hold the glass and door together. As you can tell we supply hurricane windows and doors Miami residents can’t live without 


How To Choose The Insert For Your Home

Even though you might know what all the different kinds of inserts are, it can still be challenging choosing the right one for your home. Here are some tips from us when choosing an insert: 

  • Consider how much privacy you want 
  • Think about whether or not you want something simple or detailed 
  • Think about how much sun you want entering your home 
  • Make sure the insert you choose is within your budget 
  • Consider personal style 
  • Examine the shape of your door and what would look best in it 


Many Options

One of the reasons we have hurricane windows and doors Miami locals swear by is because we offer many options for door inserts. We understand that impact doors are meant for protection against hurricanes, but we also want you to have options when picking out an insert. Using our information, you can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect insert for your home. 


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