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Anyone living in Florida knows that hurricanes and bad weather are incredibly common. They can be detrimental to both businesses large and small. One way to reliably protect your business though is to install impact glass in your windows and doors. Located in Miami Florida Engineered Glass Corp. supplies Impact Windows In Hialeah Gardens. We’ve been doing so for over three generations and we’d love to supply you as well. We have the best hurricane windows and doors Miami has to offer.

Did you know when Hialeah Gardens was first founded it’s first major industry was raising horses? Likely due to this it’s neighboring city Hilaleah is known for its famous horse racing as well as greyhound racing.

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Major Products and Services We Provide

  • Impact Windows
    • Impact glass is when two or more panes of glass are bonded together with a strong and clear interlayer in between. Unlike with hurricane shutters, impact glass doesn’t look all that much different than a regular window and will allow your business to stay the same regardless of the weather. In addition to its ability to keep your business safer and better looking during hurricanes, this type of glass is also insulated better than your average window and will keep more hot air out during the summer and retains more heat during the winter.
  • Impact Resistant  Doors
    • Built with heavy-duty aluminum frames, very little will get through these doors unless you want it to. This makes them great for not only protecting against storms but will also dissuade burglars too. Burglars typically look for easy scores and the more work they have to do to break into a business, the more likely they are to abandon it for an easier one. Our doors are also great at filtering out noise, making them perfect for if you’re located on a busy street. Your customers will very likely appreciate the peace and quiet.
  • Help With Permits
    • The Florida Building Code stipulates that building permits are required for any replacement of windows and sliding glass doors. The steps for getting a permit are as follows, but we can help you every step of the way.
      • Fill out the application – Make sure you have the all relevant information about the project like the permit type (commercial, residential, etc.), the total cost of work to be done, what the square footage of the property is, and a description of what you’re having done and who will be doing it and who may be present while the work is being done. If any of this information is missing your application will be denied.
      • Pick up your permit – Once you’ve been approved it’s time to pick up your permit. Once you have the permit you must have an inspection completed and be approved by the inspection no more than 180 days after it is issued to you for it to be valid. After that, you must then continue to be approved by inspections every 180 days that pass until the project is completed.
      • Return the forms to your city’s Building Department – Once your project is completed the permit and other forms must be returned. Commercial applications can take up to 50 days to get approved.
  • Help With Financing
    • We will work with you to find a financing option that fits your project and stays within budget. We also accept payments through Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.


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Local Tidbits

Did you know Hialeah Gardens has the highest percentage of Spanish-speakers out of any city in the United States with only 4.31% of the population only speaking English. The city also has the eighth-highest amount of Cuban residents with over half of the population being of Cuban descent. With such a high number of Hispanic residents, the city lives and breathes culture.

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We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm and our office is closed on the weekends.

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Q&A About Our Impact Windows In Hialeah Gardens

Yes, most companies will recognize the added protection to your business and will offer you a discount. To know for sure, just call up your provider and ask.

    • We only use the best vendors available including:
      • ES Windows
      • YKK AP
      • La Finestra
      • Lawson Industries
      • PGT Industries
      • TM Windows

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We at Florida Engineered Glass Corp. are all about high-quality products. Whether you’re an architect, builder, or any other business that needs impact windows in Hialeah Gardens, we have you covered. We have the best hurricane windows and doors Miami has to offer.