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How Glass Impact Doors Can Prevent Burglary

You may already be aware that impact resistant windows and doors are designed to protect your home from the elements- but you may not know that they are also able to assist in protecting you from burglary as well. Broken windows and doors are one of the most common methods of home entry for burglars. Often, burglars break the glass in a window or door in order to unlock the unit and get into your home. This method is easy and fast, and allows them to get into your home in mere seconds before any attention is attracted. But by installing glass impact doors and windows in your home, you can deter their ability to do this. Read on to learn a few key ways that impact windows and doors can protect your home from getting robbed. Florida Engineered Glass Corp. provides high quality glass impact doors and windows to protect your home. If you’re looking for a glass impact door or impact window Miami residents trust, call Florida Engineered Glass Corp. today!


How Impact Windows And Doors Protect Your Home


There are many ways that impact resistant doors and windows are able to protect your home- both from natural forces and human intruders. Here are a few important reasons why you may want to to call a provider for an impact window Miami residents trust to protect their home:

  • They’re made to withstand impact- Impact-resistant windows are specifically engineered to withstand impact from debris at high speed. Even though someone attempting a break-in may be able to shatter traditional glass with a blunt object such as a flashlight or their fist, this action is made extremely difficult with impact windows. Basically, if this type of window can stand up to hurricane-force winds, it can certainly hold up to a person with a baseball bat.
  • They splinter, not shatter- Impact-resistant windows work basically like how the windshield of your car works. The layers of glass are separated by a plastic interlayer that holds the panels of glass together if impact occurs. Rather than shattering like a traditional pane of glass, impact resistant windows will splinter upon hard impact but not break through. What this means for your safety is that a person is able to not smash it and either reach or step in. An impact window will not provide an easy opening.


Glass Impact Doors And Windows Prevent Burglary


  • Even though it’s not impossible to break impact windows, it requires a lot more time and noise to do so. For the vast majority of burglars, trying to break through impact resistant glass typically proves more work and effort than criminals are willing to endure. Speed and stealth are key for burglars when it comes to not being caught, but witn impact resistant windows, their ability to break into your home quickly without being noticed is diminished exponentially. If somebody tries to break in but has to spend 30 minutes loudly chipping away at glass, they may either be caught or probably be too nervous to complete the task.


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