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Three Trendy Glass Impact Door Designs For Your Home

The style of the front door to your home can completely revamp your home’s style. Impact front doors can help you achieve nearly any look while providing your home with a line of defense against hurricanes. No matter what decision you are making, it is typically a good idea to research the topic thoroughly. Florida Engineered Glass Corp. in Miami has put together this guide to some of the more common glass impact doors to help you in this endeavor and take the guesswork out of finding the right door for you. Read on and inform yourself before making this critical decision for your home.


Advisar Glass Impact Door System 

This company creates doors that perform highly, providing both security and durability. Their doors offer weather-resistance in a stylish package. Added features like wood grain texture in many styles and colors make these doors perfect for any style of home. 


However, style isn’t the only excellent feature these doors provide. The glass in the doors is offered in many styles and also energy-efficient, which will lower your utility bills. With the added security of a hurricane-proof front door, all of this will give you the peace you need to know your home is secure, even in the most severe weather.  


Mr. Glass Sliding Doors 

With three decades of experience, Mr. Glass provides top-quality impact front doors for any style home. Their customer service and quality products make them a stand-out in the impact door industry. Mr. Glass sliding impact doors provide the maximum amount of light in a space while still offering your home the protection it needs from hurricanes and other inclement weather. As well as this, the glass utilized is energy efficient, saving you money on your utility bills while securing your home against the high winds of hurricane season.  Not only are their doors economical and secure, but Mr. Glass sliding doors are also available in many different styles to suit all your design needs.  


Estate Patio Door (French)  

With a variety of designs to choose from, Estate’s French Door gives your home a sense of luxury while still providing protection from hurricane-force winds. Not only are they weather-proof and fashionable, but these doors also include a three-point locking mechanism, activated with one turn. Utilizing the highest quality of materials, they have brass locks, silicone sealant, and steel hinges to complement their durable aluminum composition. This means you get all of the charm of wooden doors, minus the up-keep. Highly customizable and fittable to any entryway or exit; these doors are versatile and fashionable.


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